One more day ---

--- I'm on the road again --- this time I'm heading across the sound to Belfair to a scrapbook retreat with my girlfriends. I am usually so excited to spend the weekend scrappin', but I can honestly say that this time I am more excited to see the girls! I can't wait to hang out and get caught up with what everyone is doing in their lives! Facebook is good, but in person is so much better! I have scheduled a few blog posts for when I'm away --- just in case there is no Internet access there --- but I have hope!

One last sketch for you from My Sketch World before I leave. This is actually sketch #3 -- you can scroll down and see the sketch a few posts back.

so beautiful

Yep -- Ms. Emma --- David talked to Tommy last weekend and from what we hear she is going to be walking very soon! She is 8 months and already taking that first step from the standing position. All I can say, is be careful what you wish for! Jordan walked at 9 months and has not stopped moving since!

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Jennifer said...

Awww ... Emma is such a sweetheart! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. :)

anazelia said...

stunning page. have fun this weekend.

Tammy said...

She is beautiful and what a gorgeous layout! Have fun this weekend!

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