The journey...

to the root canal is finally over. I spent an hour fighting rush hour traffic this morning, 2 1/2 hours in the dental chair, and even got to unload a good amount of cash --- all to end the journey of the last 14 days. Just a quick recap for those of you not privy to the fun details!

The Wednesday before I was due to get on a plane to California and CHA --- I started getting some tooth pain. Thinking it was just temperature sensitive, I finished packing and got to bed early. Well --- I got absolutely NO sleep --- the pain increased and kept me awake all night. By 6am, I knew I was in trouble. I quickly called Alaska Airlines to learn that there was 7 flights out that day and I could fly stand-by any time that day. The catch was --- that Robyn had to stay with me because we were using a companion fare. Carla was on her own ---- and had to be on the first flight out. In fact, she had to get to the airport before I was even able to get into the dental office. I wasn't worried about me - in fact - if it turned out I couldn't go, I would have been okay. But knowing that Carla was about to be stranded in LAX by herself was just a bit tooo much guilt. I arrived at the dentist when they opened their doors and to their credit they got me right in. Sure enough I needed a root canal --- I had a "HOT" tooth and the pain was only going to get worse.

Turns out they don't do root canals at my dentist -- and the specialist wasn't willing to see me till the next day. Of course, our insurance only contracts with one specialist. I could pay $2K out of pocket and see someone else that day or wait. I opted for the antibiotic and pain killers. Dentist said they should kick in in about 3 days --- the concern was the altitude on the flight.

We picked up Robyn and my prescriptions and headed to the airport. Alaska Airlines was fantastic and got us on the next flight out. Robyn was all ready to take care or me and I was all ready to take the Vicodin. But --- the Lord totally watched over me and the Tylenol did the trick and I slept the whole way there. To make it even better, Carla's flight had been delayed and she hadn't waited too long for us to arrive at LAX.

I went through 2 bottles of Extra-Strength Tylenol but never had to break open the pain killers. It was a fantastic trip. I'm so blessed for wonderful friends like Carla & Robyn. They woke up in the middle of the night to remind me to take my antibiotics, they worried about me constantly, and they never made me give up having my own queen size bed in the hotel!

I haven't been able to feel any pain at all with that tooth for the last few days -- dentist said it was finally 100% dead. That made the root canal virtually pain free. The dentist at Gateway Dental downtown was amazing. She was gentle, brilliant and funny. In fact, if it wasn't for the pain I felt in my checkbook when I left, I could almost say that it was a relaxing morning.

For something that could have been disastrous on so many fronts, I have to tell you I felt nothing but blessings. The whole nightmare from start to finish was manageable and even humorous looking back. I need to remember that the Lord is protecting me even when the glass feels half-empty.

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Gina said...

Oh Man . . . glad to hear that's all over with and that you were still able to make it to CHA! :)

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