Goodwill Bliss

This story starts about 2 months ago --- I dropped David's iron. Yes, his iron. Every night he gets out the ironing board and irons his shirt for work the next day. He has become quite the pro at it. I, on the other hand, am challenged when it comes to ironing. Okay, back to the day I dropped the iron. I was attempting to do some sort of iron-on transfer and not paying attention, I dropped it on the ground. It was never the same. Some days it would heat up, other days it wouldn't. Didn't really bother me --- but it was really starting to upset my husband! So, I went to Costco and spent $40 on a new iron. It sat on the counter all weekend and it really started annoying me that I had paid that much for an iron. Again--I don't iron, so any amount out of my budget for a new iron was too much. David was just about to open the box and I said, "WAIT!, let's run to Goodwill and just see if we can find one there". Being the fabulous husband that he is and knowing how much buying a new one would stress me out ---- he agreed. He even gave up 2 hours of PRE SUPERBOWL television to go with me.

Long story short --- not only did we find an almost BRAND NEW iron --- but we got a bunch of other goodies for that $40! I have to share with you some of our finds!

First, the iron ---- the one in the box is the Costco one and it will be going back tomorrow:


Next up -- two adorable coffee mugs from Starbucks -- like new for ---- are you ready? 49 cents each!


Next up --- a pair of baseball cleats for Chase for $4.99 --- they are Under Armour and probably retail for over $50:


Next up --- a brand new pair of Airwalk Tennis Shoes for Luke for $4.99:


Next up is my absolute favorite!


Do you know what that is? It a old-time record case --- know what it measures? Yep---13 x 13 inches square! Perfect for scrapbook paper! It was a whooping $2.99! I can't wait to use it to pack up for my retreat this weekend!

In addition to those great things, my $40 also got me:

---2 wicker baskets for auction stuff
---a baggy full of Coats white thread
---a baggy full of needles, straight pins, hat pins, crochet needles and scissors
---a very old yard stick
---a naked wood spider perfect for altering come fall Halloween time
---6 Corelle cereal bowls that match our pattern
---a makeup purse

Okay ---- can you tell I just love Goodwill? You have to be selective and there are times that I walk in and walk out without buying anything. But when I leave with a treasure -- man is that fun!

Made it home in plenty of time to watch at least 2 hours of pre Superbowl television. We had fabulous chicken taco salads (chicken cooked in the crock pot and shredded) with homemade guacamole (thanks to Jordan) and chocolate cake for desert. It's halftime and life is good.


GinniG said...

What treasures!!!!! Our thrift stores here are expensive so we don't go very often. DH goes to the Habitat Restore for boat stuff and gets good deals tho. Your Superbowl goodies sound yummy too! What a FUN game it was! Congrats on the successful treasure hunt! :)

Gina said...

I'm never able to find any deals at our local Goodwill . . . it looks like you've scored! :)

Tammy said...

I need to go with you to the Goodwill! I never find anything but junk. Oh - I did find an awesome sleeper sofa for $60 that has worked perfect in our music room. BTW - I have an iron just like the one you got at Goodwill! That record case is an awesome find!

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