Far Too Young

Living in the Pacific Northwest and having a family full of Alaskan Fishermen, I know how hard the life is on them. My uncles & cousins are in the business and they have had their share of close calls - both economically and physically. I am thankful that I have never had attend the funeral of one of them. But, there have been many deaths in the closeknit fishing community that is Ballard, Washington --- a community just north of Seattle.

When I first married David and money was tight, there was talk of David going fishing on one of my Uncle's boats. He even gave it a try one summer. He loved it. I on the other hand, hated it. Sure the money was great but the thought of raising my family without him here 7 months out of the year, was something I couldn't even imagine. We never went down that road again. But, my aunts did. They are strong amazing women who raised wonderful kids and learned to be both mom & dad for most of the year. My uncles are both retired from the industry now --- well, the actual captain part. One has gone on to captain a tug boat and the other still owns boats and works to make the industry a safer and more secure place for current fishermen. He also owns the Sea Star. The Sea Star was one of the first crab boats featured on THE DEADLIEST CATCH. It is now retired and serves as a Crab Fishing Museum as well as the CHASE boat during the filming season of the PBS hit show. All those beautiful shots are filmed from her. Over the summer, the boys and I went to the boat and helped my uncle out during a interview that was being filmed on the boat.

You can check out the news video here - http://www.seastartours.com/index.php

Crab boats are not a new thing to my family. The crabbing season has always been a topic of conversation at ever family function that I can remember since I was a baby. My dad even ran a cannery. It is everyday stuff for the large extended family that lives here in Seattle, WA. But news of a death in the fishing community never ceases to send shivers down my spine and make tears well up in my eyes. I've only met Phil Harris a few times in my life. But he is just a fisherman --- a good guy with a big heart who has led a tough life. THE DEADLIEST CATCH has made them celebrities and brought the life they lead to people all over. It still makes me laugh because they are dads, husbands, friends, and hard workers --- who would have thought that they'd also be stars. Gotta love the way life turns things around.

My heart goes out today to the family of Phil Harris -- to all his friends and buddies in the fishing community -- to all of us in the Pacific Northwest that know and love a fishermen. Life is not always easy --- but it's always exciting.

Another name to add to the memorial --- may you rest in peace.

fishermans terminal

lost at sea wall


marcibun said...

That's a really touching tribute Kim. I remember the Sea Star from Season One, as I recall the were one of the boats that helped rescue a bunch of guys when their ship sank. Fishermen seem to be a very loyal and courageous bunch - something to be proud of.

Amanda said...

What a sweet post, Kim. My husband and I are religious watchers of The Deadliest Catch and Phil was one of our favorites (along with Sig). My heart ached for the family when H told me of his passing. I pray for his family and his boys that they find peace.

Gina said...

Kim, such a touching post . . . I'm sure he'll be missed terribly!

Tammy said...

Very touching

DaniH said...

Living in Bellingham (north of Seattle), I also have strong ties to the crabbing/fishing industry. Phil Harris was a true blue, hard working fisherman... Bless his heart!

GinniG said...

My DH was a commercial salmon and halibut fisherman in SE Alaska when I met him. Deadliest Catch is one of our fav shows and we loved watching Capt. Phil. We have been quite concerned about him and have lifted him up many times in prayer. So we were quite sad to hear this news. I actually posted a sympathy note on the Cornelia Marie website and on my blog. But nothing as touching as what you have written here Kim. God bless our men and women who brave the deadly seas and feed us all! And God bless the families and friends they leave behind as they do their jobs. We truly appreciate their sacrifices! Rest in Peace Phil! Our hearts go out to your sons and all who knew and loved you.

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