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It's the middle of winter, the sun is shining, it's almost 60 degrees outside and life is plugging along. I can't believe that February is almost over! Spring is almost here, the cherry blossoms are blooming, and the tulips are poking their heads up through the ground. I know that we are in for another month of winter, but this taste of spring is good for the soul. Thanks Lord, for the reason to smile today!

I have lots on my scrap table in progress, so nothing to show you today, but a few fun pics I found on my computer this week. I love it when the kids take pictures, it always feels like such a fun treat to find them on my memory card!

Jordan casting her first official ballot:


Austin & Chase having a photo shoot with the dog:

chase coop


austin peace

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Tammy said...

Great photos and how fun that you found them.

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