Who doesn't love the 80's?

The 80's --- can I just say that they truly feel like yesterday! I think the 80's are the first real decade that I can remember very clearly --- the whole decade! What happened in the 80's? Mount St. Helen erupted, I had my first "real" boyfriend, I got my driver's license, bought my first car, graduated from high school, went to college, took 2 trips to Hawaii, met David, got married, and had a baby. WOW! I went from my first boyfriend to my first child in eight years!

Yes, I can remember the 80's! The movies, the music, the television shows, the lingo and definitely the fashion. There are times that I loved and times that I didn't --- but I can't wait to go back and remember it all!

You should join me as we travel back to the eighties for a fun scrapbook crop over at A Walk Down Memory Lane March 1-10th! You can follow all the action on the blog. Every day we will post a new fun challenge to keep you rockin' the 80's! It's going to be like totally tubular!

Everyday stuff!

It's the middle of winter, the sun is shining, it's almost 60 degrees outside and life is plugging along. I can't believe that February is almost over! Spring is almost here, the cherry blossoms are blooming, and the tulips are poking their heads up through the ground. I know that we are in for another month of winter, but this taste of spring is good for the soul. Thanks Lord, for the reason to smile today!

I have lots on my scrap table in progress, so nothing to show you today, but a few fun pics I found on my computer this week. I love it when the kids take pictures, it always feels like such a fun treat to find them on my memory card!

Jordan casting her first official ballot:


Austin & Chase having a photo shoot with the dog:

chase coop


austin peace



Of course, I had a fabulous time at the retreat this weekend! 3 full days and nights of scrappin' and hanging out with some of the funnest, sweetest and talented ladies I know. How could it have been anything but fabulous? I thought I would share a snapshot of our work space ---




Can you see outside those windows? It's gorgeous! Of course it was raining and we only ventured outside once for a walk, but the grounds are fabulous. Over 50 wooded acres all fenced it with a lake in the middle! The kitchen is equally wonderful with industrial size ovens, refrigerators and supplies. I am actually in the kitchen when I was taking the photos --- that is how close it is! The bunk houses are right outside and again---- clean and comfortable, with full size mattresses!

It's truly a wonderful facility!

I relaxed, I created, I ate, I visited ---- but best of all, I laughed ---- non-stop! There was so many fun moments that it's impossible to re-cap them all. I laughed with old friends and with new friends and enjoyed every moment of every day!

I got lots done --- most of which I can't share with you yet --- but there were a few things that I did just for me. Let's see:

I love this picture of Emma in her Seahawk Outfit:

my sweed Seagal

and this one of David when he was in middle school:

mug shot

this one of Chase & Jack --- this is also a layout for the SKETCH-a-Thon over at My Sketch World:

dog tired

this one is of the CUPCAKERY that we visited in Orange, CA:


this one of Jordan was quick & easy:


and this one was created by playing a game with the other girls on Sunday night. We all put 8 items in a paper bag and then drew out 8 new items. We then had 25 minutes to create a layout using all 8 items. Game was the inspiration of Tami! I got lucky, all my items coordinated nicely!

apple of my eye

Then some quick & easy cards with some scraps:

thanks cardhello cards

love mushroom cardso sweet card

I have a few more things to share, but those will have to wait for another day!



REMINISCE is doing it again! A brand new contest has started over on their blog and you could win a share of the $1000 cash prize! CASH -- yes, cash! All you need to do is create a sports album or mini-book using their brand new REAL SPORTS line! Here are the details:


Are you a sports fan? Is your kid an all-star? Show us your most creative sports album ever with the all new REAL SPORTS by Reminisce.

Contest Rules:

1.Each Entry must contain a minimum of 10 pages. The size is completely up to you. The majority of products utilized should be Reminisce REAL SPORTS, however, additional Reminisce products, cardstock, and minimal outside products may be included.

2. Entries are due no later than midnight EST April 15th, 2010. Winners will be announced on April 19th, 2010. Email your entries to info@designsbyreminisce.com

3. Judging Criteria

a) 20% Photography

b) 20% Originality/Creativity

c) 40% Overall Design

d) 10% Use of Product

e) 10% Journaling/Overall Message

GRAND PRIZE -$500 Cash

RUNNER-UP - $200 Cash

3rd PLACE - $100 Cash

4th PLACE - $100 Cash

5th PLACE - $100 Cash


Valentine's to Share!

I am scheduling this post for Saturday -- so when you read this I will be scrappin', chattin' and eatin' with all my fun friends at our scrapbook retreat in Belfair, WA. But, I wanted to share my Valentines with you!

First up, are the ones I made for the kids and David. I found some really fun birthday invites at Goodwill a while back. They look like large red tickets -- I tore them in pieces and used them as the backdrop for my cards. I loved working with the Pink Paislee Cupid line -- it was the perfect match! I made a small pocket on the back to hold a couple lottery tickets and then tied the card to a large box or bag of their favorite candy!

Valentine Card front

valentine card back

valentine's for kids

I think it's also safe to share with you the Valentine's I made for the girls at the retreat! We decided since we were leaving our families for Valentine's day, that we should pass them out to each other just like we were in school! I am super excited and I still need to decorate my bag for my valentines!

For their treats, I filled up a white paper bag full of scrappin' goodies, added it to a gift bag with a fun pencil and some Starburst. Then I decorated the gift bag with stamps and canvas!

friend valentines

basekt of valentines

I am a little sad to be away from my hubby and kids --- but I know that every day is Valentine's Day with them! Love you friends!


One more day ---

--- I'm on the road again --- this time I'm heading across the sound to Belfair to a scrapbook retreat with my girlfriends. I am usually so excited to spend the weekend scrappin', but I can honestly say that this time I am more excited to see the girls! I can't wait to hang out and get caught up with what everyone is doing in their lives! Facebook is good, but in person is so much better! I have scheduled a few blog posts for when I'm away --- just in case there is no Internet access there --- but I have hope!

One last sketch for you from My Sketch World before I leave. This is actually sketch #3 -- you can scroll down and see the sketch a few posts back.

so beautiful

Yep -- Ms. Emma --- David talked to Tommy last weekend and from what we hear she is going to be walking very soon! She is 8 months and already taking that first step from the standing position. All I can say, is be careful what you wish for! Jordan walked at 9 months and has not stopped moving since!

The newsletter has been released over at A Walk Down Memory Lane - check it out and sign up to receive it! It comes out twice a month!

Far Too Young

Living in the Pacific Northwest and having a family full of Alaskan Fishermen, I know how hard the life is on them. My uncles & cousins are in the business and they have had their share of close calls - both economically and physically. I am thankful that I have never had attend the funeral of one of them. But, there have been many deaths in the closeknit fishing community that is Ballard, Washington --- a community just north of Seattle.

When I first married David and money was tight, there was talk of David going fishing on one of my Uncle's boats. He even gave it a try one summer. He loved it. I on the other hand, hated it. Sure the money was great but the thought of raising my family without him here 7 months out of the year, was something I couldn't even imagine. We never went down that road again. But, my aunts did. They are strong amazing women who raised wonderful kids and learned to be both mom & dad for most of the year. My uncles are both retired from the industry now --- well, the actual captain part. One has gone on to captain a tug boat and the other still owns boats and works to make the industry a safer and more secure place for current fishermen. He also owns the Sea Star. The Sea Star was one of the first crab boats featured on THE DEADLIEST CATCH. It is now retired and serves as a Crab Fishing Museum as well as the CHASE boat during the filming season of the PBS hit show. All those beautiful shots are filmed from her. Over the summer, the boys and I went to the boat and helped my uncle out during a interview that was being filmed on the boat.

You can check out the news video here - http://www.seastartours.com/index.php

Crab boats are not a new thing to my family. The crabbing season has always been a topic of conversation at ever family function that I can remember since I was a baby. My dad even ran a cannery. It is everyday stuff for the large extended family that lives here in Seattle, WA. But news of a death in the fishing community never ceases to send shivers down my spine and make tears well up in my eyes. I've only met Phil Harris a few times in my life. But he is just a fisherman --- a good guy with a big heart who has led a tough life. THE DEADLIEST CATCH has made them celebrities and brought the life they lead to people all over. It still makes me laugh because they are dads, husbands, friends, and hard workers --- who would have thought that they'd also be stars. Gotta love the way life turns things around.

My heart goes out today to the family of Phil Harris -- to all his friends and buddies in the fishing community -- to all of us in the Pacific Northwest that know and love a fishermen. Life is not always easy --- but it's always exciting.

Another name to add to the memorial --- may you rest in peace.

fishermans terminal

lost at sea wall



I have been trying to take advantage of the SKETCH-A-THON happening over at My Sketch World this month. I thought I'd share some of my designs so far:

Sketch - Day 1 - Basic Grey Origins:

Feb 1stin the jungle

Sketch - Day 2 - Basic Grey Origins:

Feb2ndwhat's Up Card

Sketch - Day 3:


Sketch - Day 4 - Basic Grey Origins:

Feb8thSketchsmile card

Sketch - Day 5 - Reminisce Unwritten:


Sketch - Day 6 - Fancy Pants Celebrate:

Feb6thSketch3 hearts card

Sketch - Day 7:


I still have a couple to do, but I am having a great time playing with some fun products and Lucy's awesome sketches!

One of the manufacturers of the month over at A Walk Down Memory Lane is Fancy Pants! You can find all sorts of awesome stuff by Fancy Pants in the store over there and it's all 25% for the month of February! The card I created above for sketch #6 is from their Celebrate line.

This layout was also created with Fancy Pants from their Winter Chill line. Such gorgeous versatile paper --- some of my favorite!


I have been having tons of fun with my punches from Imaginisce. The punches were created for use with their fun i-top brad making tool --- but I think they make the cutest flowers! You can find one to purchase in the store over at A Walk Down Memory Lane


Goodwill Bliss

This story starts about 2 months ago --- I dropped David's iron. Yes, his iron. Every night he gets out the ironing board and irons his shirt for work the next day. He has become quite the pro at it. I, on the other hand, am challenged when it comes to ironing. Okay, back to the day I dropped the iron. I was attempting to do some sort of iron-on transfer and not paying attention, I dropped it on the ground. It was never the same. Some days it would heat up, other days it wouldn't. Didn't really bother me --- but it was really starting to upset my husband! So, I went to Costco and spent $40 on a new iron. It sat on the counter all weekend and it really started annoying me that I had paid that much for an iron. Again--I don't iron, so any amount out of my budget for a new iron was too much. David was just about to open the box and I said, "WAIT!, let's run to Goodwill and just see if we can find one there". Being the fabulous husband that he is and knowing how much buying a new one would stress me out ---- he agreed. He even gave up 2 hours of PRE SUPERBOWL television to go with me.

Long story short --- not only did we find an almost BRAND NEW iron --- but we got a bunch of other goodies for that $40! I have to share with you some of our finds!

First, the iron ---- the one in the box is the Costco one and it will be going back tomorrow:


Next up -- two adorable coffee mugs from Starbucks -- like new for ---- are you ready? 49 cents each!


Next up --- a pair of baseball cleats for Chase for $4.99 --- they are Under Armour and probably retail for over $50:


Next up --- a brand new pair of Airwalk Tennis Shoes for Luke for $4.99:


Next up is my absolute favorite!


Do you know what that is? It a old-time record case --- know what it measures? Yep---13 x 13 inches square! Perfect for scrapbook paper! It was a whooping $2.99! I can't wait to use it to pack up for my retreat this weekend!

In addition to those great things, my $40 also got me:

---2 wicker baskets for auction stuff
---a baggy full of Coats white thread
---a baggy full of needles, straight pins, hat pins, crochet needles and scissors
---a very old yard stick
---a naked wood spider perfect for altering come fall Halloween time
---6 Corelle cereal bowls that match our pattern
---a makeup purse

Okay ---- can you tell I just love Goodwill? You have to be selective and there are times that I walk in and walk out without buying anything. But when I leave with a treasure -- man is that fun!

Made it home in plenty of time to watch at least 2 hours of pre Superbowl television. We had fabulous chicken taco salads (chicken cooked in the crock pot and shredded) with homemade guacamole (thanks to Jordan) and chocolate cake for desert. It's halftime and life is good.


The crop has started!

The "Beat the Winter Blues" crop has started over at Dixie Pieces and you need to head over there and join in the fun! Don't forget that for every game or challenge you participate in you will receive entries into the drawing for the Grand Prize, which is a brand new May Kit and a goodie bag full of stuff from CHA Winter. My layout challenge was posted today and it is a color challenge. I thought I would share it with you here too!

Beat the Blues Color Swatch

first spring day

In addition to the crop, this layout was created with the brand new February Kit. They are flying out the door, so get over there and snag one before they are gone!

There are already tons of fun things posted and there will be even more tomorrow! Remember you have until the 18th of February to get all your stuff uploaded to qualify for the prize!

For all the information on the crop --- head on over to Dixie Pieces and click on the "Beat the Blues 2010" link in the forum index!


The journey...

to the root canal is finally over. I spent an hour fighting rush hour traffic this morning, 2 1/2 hours in the dental chair, and even got to unload a good amount of cash --- all to end the journey of the last 14 days. Just a quick recap for those of you not privy to the fun details!

The Wednesday before I was due to get on a plane to California and CHA --- I started getting some tooth pain. Thinking it was just temperature sensitive, I finished packing and got to bed early. Well --- I got absolutely NO sleep --- the pain increased and kept me awake all night. By 6am, I knew I was in trouble. I quickly called Alaska Airlines to learn that there was 7 flights out that day and I could fly stand-by any time that day. The catch was --- that Robyn had to stay with me because we were using a companion fare. Carla was on her own ---- and had to be on the first flight out. In fact, she had to get to the airport before I was even able to get into the dental office. I wasn't worried about me - in fact - if it turned out I couldn't go, I would have been okay. But knowing that Carla was about to be stranded in LAX by herself was just a bit tooo much guilt. I arrived at the dentist when they opened their doors and to their credit they got me right in. Sure enough I needed a root canal --- I had a "HOT" tooth and the pain was only going to get worse.

Turns out they don't do root canals at my dentist -- and the specialist wasn't willing to see me till the next day. Of course, our insurance only contracts with one specialist. I could pay $2K out of pocket and see someone else that day or wait. I opted for the antibiotic and pain killers. Dentist said they should kick in in about 3 days --- the concern was the altitude on the flight.

We picked up Robyn and my prescriptions and headed to the airport. Alaska Airlines was fantastic and got us on the next flight out. Robyn was all ready to take care or me and I was all ready to take the Vicodin. But --- the Lord totally watched over me and the Tylenol did the trick and I slept the whole way there. To make it even better, Carla's flight had been delayed and she hadn't waited too long for us to arrive at LAX.

I went through 2 bottles of Extra-Strength Tylenol but never had to break open the pain killers. It was a fantastic trip. I'm so blessed for wonderful friends like Carla & Robyn. They woke up in the middle of the night to remind me to take my antibiotics, they worried about me constantly, and they never made me give up having my own queen size bed in the hotel!

I haven't been able to feel any pain at all with that tooth for the last few days -- dentist said it was finally 100% dead. That made the root canal virtually pain free. The dentist at Gateway Dental downtown was amazing. She was gentle, brilliant and funny. In fact, if it wasn't for the pain I felt in my checkbook when I left, I could almost say that it was a relaxing morning.

For something that could have been disastrous on so many fronts, I have to tell you I felt nothing but blessings. The whole nightmare from start to finish was manageable and even humorous looking back. I need to remember that the Lord is protecting me even when the glass feels half-empty.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I am so excited! I did my first blog post this morning for A Walk Down Memory Lane. Friday's are challenge day on the Design Team blog and I am using this layout for my first challenge:

Celebrate Friendship small

I'm not going to share the challenge with you, though. I want you to head on over and become a follower of the blog. There is fun stuff posted daily and every challenge you play along with gives you a chance at a RAK from the store at the end of the month!



I finally got a chance to dig in to my just received Reminisce box of product and can I just say, I am loving it all!

First up --- the new line just released, Unwritten --- it should be showing up in your LSS very soon!

unwritten - liquid sunshine

thanks card - unwrittenunwritten celebrate card

Valentine's Night was a perfect line to use with the wedding photos from last fall. I teamed it up with the other new releases, Graduation Celebration 2010 and Glitter Factory and came up with this:

graduation-valentine's night the Man

man - close up

have more on my desk to share with you --- coming soon!

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