Sucks to be Austin...


This is the running joke around our house right now. Everything is good - life is good in his world right now. He has his dsylexia under control and he's doing well in school. He is a stud goalkeeper for a select soccer team and that isn't even his first love. Baseball season is right around the corner and his chances of making the team for the high school are good. His band is fabulous and they even opened for the Disney Teen Band, Mission 6, during their recent WA tour. His awkward preteen/teen years seem to be behind him and he is coming into his own personality --- and it's a good one. Parents love him because he's respectful, kind and courteous, girls love him because he's sweet, outgoing and funny, his friends love him because he doesn't play games, tells it like it is and goes with the flow. I love him because he's Austin --- my sweet boy who isn't afraid to tell me he loves me in front of his friends. Yeah, sucks to be Austin right now------ not!

lucky to be austin

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Kim! I love this layout!!

What paper is that newspaper?


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