Remember those...

...fun new brads that I showed you this morning? The ones that I made with my new favorite tool from Imaginisce, the i-top. I was thrilled when I thought it was just a brad maker, but guess what? It's more than that - now it's a magnet maker too! Brand new magnet backs take this tool to another level! You can check out some amazing projects made by the design team and read all about the new product on the Imaginisce blog.

I used one of the new magnet backers for a fun Valentine Minibook closure:

Sweet Cheri - Mini Side View

Sweet Cheri - Mini Magnet View

Sweet Cheri - Open View

The cards inside are two sided and each on contains a mini love note to David --- a reason why I love him ----

Sweet Cheri - Mini Cards

In addition, I made some really cute little magnets for my board:

Sweet Cheri - magnets

I love the magnet backers, what will they think of next?


Jenny said...

those are great Kim!

jacque4u2c said...

This is just adorable! I love it! What a great tool!

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