This is my absolute favorite time of the year! Before you know it, all the scrappy stores will be stocked full of brand new product just waiting for me to take it home! Yes, I am a collector - of all things scrapbooking - I can't help it. I make up for it in other areas of my life where I work hard to be a purger. In fact, we make a donation run about once a month and it always amazes me that I have 3-4 garbage bags full of stuff each time! But alas, nothing ever leaves my scrap space. I guess it's a good thing that I have my own room and I don't have to worry if it starts overflowing!

Imaginisce has just released some sneak peaks and they are fabulous! In fact, it's almost like they created them just for me! My favorite is their new Wedding line - "To LOVE & CHERISH" ----

TLC Collection Image

I can't wait to get my hands on this --- I see a wedding minibook in my future!

Next up is "Live out Loud" --- fantastic boy line --- and I have plenty of boys! Check out the guitar too --- hmmm.... I have band photos too!

Live Loud Collection Image

And finally, "SPLASH DANCE" --- an adorable line of summer paper that I can't wait to use with my 25 years worth of Pacific Beach photos! Like I said, PERFECT for me!

Splash Dance Collection Image

and last but not least is more fun stuff for the i-top! You will now be able to get brad, magnet, button and pin backers!

madge with all itop backers

An update about what's happening around home these days (besides scrappy stuff!):

-Jordan got her first pair of glasses - lovin' the self-portrait!

jordan glasses

-Austin got his second pair of glasses - look at him all studious like!

austin glasses

-School is starting up again - we made it to the half-way point so from here on out it is down hill to summer --- let the countdown begin! I love summer!

Be back later today with some more sneak peaks and some art!

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mustangkayla said...

Love both your kiddos glasses! They look great! I sure wish I had cool glasses like that when I was a teen! Lovin' the new sneak peeks too!

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