On Saturday, we met up with Sherry, Brenna & Robert to hit a few hot shopping spots in the area around LA/Anaheim. Our first stop was the Fabric Barn in Long Beach. I have to say, we were a little disappointed! Last time I visited there were spools and spools and spools of ribbon -- all of which was sold by the yard at amazing prices. However, this year, in an attempt to stop loosing money with people cutting ribbon and then not purchasing it, they switched over to only selling by the bolt. This drastically cut down on how much we shopped, but we all did manage to do a bit of damage. It was really hysterical later that night when we tried to split up our bolts of ribbon into equal parts by running the leg nth of the hotel hallways!

After a quick stop for a Starbucks fix, we arrived in the great city of Orange, CA. The antique shops were abundant and mixed in with some fabulous boutiques! One of my favorites was this cute little shop full of yumminess!



even the bathroom was cute!


There was a adorable cupcake store all made out in light teal, black & white. Oh my --- was it beautiful! My pictures do not do it justice!


cupcake place

groves cupcake

We had lunch at a BBQ place --- yummy grilled cheese and pulled chicken --- and sweet potato fries!

After a few hours of walking, shopping and eating - we headed to the Fashion District in Los Angeles. What an adventure that was! Store front after store front of material, ribbon, purses, shoes, sunglasses and everything else you could think of. No prices on anything --- it was all one big free for all. Found a purse I loved and they wanted $42 for it. After a little negotiating and actually walking out of the store a few times --- I ended up paying $22 for it. What a unique and strange place. Not sure if I will ever go back! On our way back to the freeway, we spotted this very cool graffiti wall:


I need to get a hold of Robyn & Carla's cameras for some more pics from there.

Then after getting lost -- user error with the GPS -- we ended up running to our class at the Convention Center -- literally! The class was fun and I will post my finished product - after I finish it!

Check back tomorrow for the pics from the Trade Show itself!


Star Rork said...

looks like fun! that cupcake shop looks yummy!

scrappygal said...

looks like you covered a lot of ground in a very short time! Very cool. I am glad that you made the most out of your trip!

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