Happy Halloween!

I really never get into all the Halloween prep and planning --- but I love to see my kids having fun and using their creative sides! They are responsible for their costumes and it was fun for me to watch the process evolve. We made our last stop at Goodwill today --- where we found the cowboy hat for 75 cents and an old grass hula skirt for 60 cents (this turned into the straw for the scarecrow)!

Here is what they ended up with:

Luke was an adorable scarecrow -

scarecrow 2

scarecrow 1

Chase was a handsome cowboy -

cowboy 1

cowboy 2

Austin & Jordan were volunteers at the church Harvest Party and went as Thing 1 & Thing 2 ---- the picture doesn't show their cute handmade kites --- very creative!

thing 2 1

thing 1 2

and the extend of our participation in Halloween, courtesy of Jordan and her face-painting skills:

flower children

We didn't even get our pumpkins carved until last night --- and it was bittersweet for me. No one needed me to help them --- they all cleaned, planned and carved their own. This was the first year in 23 years, that I didn't have to help someone carve -- the beginning of a new season in my life.

luke knife 2

goop 1

hard at work1

hard at work 2

Even Cooper tried to get in the fun:

coop pumpkin 1

Okay --- maybe he didn't WANT to be in the fun:

coop pumpkin 2

He certainly wasn't interested in posing for a family photo:

cut take

halloween 5-7


I was challenged ....

...today to remember where my online obsession with scrapbooking started. It was about 3 years ago and I had already been scrapping for about 6 years or so. I was working part time at my local scrapbook store and one of the design team girls from there told me about a contest at an online store. I wasn't sure how it all worked but it sounded like fun. I remember at the time that I didn't understand how the forums worked so I basically followed along with the contest without ever participating in the forums --- they intimidated me! Well, I made it to the last round and we were mailed out a fun packet of product from the contest sponsor, Urban Lily. I was so excited when I got that packet! It was a big stretch for me and my style at the time - funny when I look back I can see similarities with how I scrap now. My designs were pretty simple but so cute with that fun paper line. So, here you go ---- the first 2 layouts that I ever did online - I won that contest and I've been hooked ever since!

urban lily

carefree lily

The really exciting news is that Urban Lily has been picked up and will be distributed by a new company called Urban Swank.

Here is one more old layout using Urban Lily Products:

warm hearts

I can't wait to see the new releases that will be coming out!


October 28th - WOW!

Another month almost over and life is plowing full steam ahead to 2010 --- truly amazing to me since I remember the 2K scare like it was yesterday! Oh well, can't dwell on time flying by ---- on the agenda today is a cooking lesson with Luke. He is going to make orange Rice Krispy treats --- look for some pictures later!

Had a fun weekend - spent our Saturday date night at the MLS Sounders game with Jordan and a couple friends. It was a great game, lots of excitement and a packed house. The fans NEVER sit down. That is no exaggeration! I was lucky to have an aisle seat so that I could sit down and still see our goal and the big screen! We enjoyed Karmel Korn and Garlic Fries ---- and a milkshake from BurgerMaster on the way home.

girls sounder game

Here is a random layout that I played with last night --- no particular reason --- those are my favorite kind!

natural goofball


Back in the Swing of things...

Finally! After a whole week of the crud - I finally feel rested and ready to get back in the swing of things! I spent some time in my loft today - decided to create a few things for the Imaginisce DT Call. So thankful for the extra energy today -

f is for friend

cutie frame

thanks card

Monday mornings...

...make it tough to get out of bed --- but today was even tougher. Still pitch black outside, torrential rain pounding on the roof, my 80 pound fur baby snuggled up on my bed, and a very quiet house. I could have slept till noon!

I think this is the first really dark and gloomy day of the long fall/winter months. As long as the creek stays within its banks, it's all good. Oh yeah, leaving the snow in the mountains would be good too!

There is a new challenge up today over on the Scrap Tiffany Blog. The challenge was to be inspired by the song "MY WISH" by Rascal Flatts.

my wish for you

Stay warm and dry today!


Can I just say....

that I feel cruddy today? My allergies/sinuses are going haywire and I haven't been sleeping well. That post nasal drip that keeps tickling the back of my throat is going to drive me crazy! The good thing is that there is no reason to leave the house today so I can take it easy and get in some scrap therapy!

I'm playing along in the Miss Sassy Contest over at Sassy Scrappers and our first week's challenge was to answer a question from a list provided. I went with "What is your biggest accomplishment?" --- here is what I came up with:

without a doubt


Focus on School

This week -- that is the plan. Focus on School. We have no classes this week at the resource center so we are home all week together and have big plans to get lots of things accomplished! Yesterday Luke had a cooking lesson, Austin started his cell model by creating a plaster cast of a bowl and Chase studied up on the universe playing games on the internet! All in all, a very fun day of homeschooling. Today we are all cozy in the living room near the fire:

luke reading

Coop loves it when we are home and hanging around on the living room floor doing school ---- we do it for him you know!


So this next picture is of a wall in my living room --- the only room in my house that is a boring color. That is going to change very soon. I just bought new paint and you will never believe what color it is. Leave me a comment and take a guess ---- just to rule out a few for you --- the other walls in the house are dark red, denim blue, chocolate brown, earth green, and sky blue ---- what am I missing?

house wall

I will post pics this weekend after it's painted!

Stay tuned for some fun scrappin' news coming soon too!


Great Grandma would be proud!

Luke rocked the CHARLESTON at the 1920's party at school today. Not only was he the only one besides the teacher who dressed up, but he was totally into the dancing. He whooped it up to Louie Armstrong...


maggie luke

Here are some layouts from the past weekend at the crop:

family time

kimmy ann


wanna chat

simple pleasures

IMG_7if only647

be jolly by golly

big freeze

There were a few more but they are for kits and you will get to see them really soon! I had tons of fun playing with felt, fabric, and yarn! The funnest was putting some crocheting on my layouts! Lots of playing and experimenting this weekend! Enjoy!


A Perfect Fit

Any uncertainty that we had about the new select baseball team for Austin have all gone away with the distribution of this memo to the team:

it said....


1. Always let your coach know if you are sick or will miss practice or a game. This is your responsibility.
2. Report to practice on time. Never leave practice until your coach excuses you.
3. Report to practice with the proper gear.
4. "Huh, uh huh, nah, and yeah" will be replaced with "yes, yes coach, no and no coach".
5. Don't lose your composure.
6. Drinking, smoking, drugs, or theft of any kind will result in dismissal from the team.
7. When on the field, run everywhere.
8. Don't sulk - see the coach if you have a complaint or problem.
9. Don't ever argue with a teammate.
10. No swearing on the field.
11. No arguing with the umpire.
12. No throwing bats or helmets.
13. Always practice good manners everywhere you go. Be respectful to teachers, coaches, opponents and fellow students.
14. No wearing of jewelry during practice or games.
15. Remember, at all times, you are a representative of the Seattle Bombers, your coach, and your family.
16.Missing or being late for practice will have a direct affect on your game and playing time.
17. Clean -cut haircuts throughout the season.

Those are the same things we feel strongly about -- gotta love it.

Catching up.....

....after a long, fun, scrapbooking weekend! I missed blogging! But, I have had tons to smile about lately! Left bright and early Friday Morning and got back late last night --- had a great time - especially seeing and visiting with Tami and the girls! They are definitely good for the soul --- and laughter too! We laughed till our sides hurt ---good times!

I have been absent for a few days --- a couple planning and packing days and then the weekend --- but I will be back tonight after I get a chance to photograph and organize the new stuff I created! So, look for a photo post later today!

Off to school --see you later!


Emma makes me...

...smile. Getting ready for my weekend scrapbook retreat - working on Photoshop files of Emma. I've had a permanent smile on my face for a couple hours now. Here are a few new shots:



black bacground




Snail Mail

Can I just say how fun it is to get "real" mail these days? In a world of text messaging, email and facebook --- it seems like the personal connection is lost. So, when I rec'd a homemade card in the mail today, I just couldn't help but smile. It was the highlight of my day. A friend of mine, Jen, took the time to make a card, pick up a starbucks card and write me a sweet note to let me know she was thinking of me. Jen --- you rock!

Countdown has started --- 80 hours till I get in my car to escape for 3 days of scrappin' with my buddies! I can't wait ---- there will be lots of smiles going on!

The new Monday challenge is up over at the Scrap Tiffany Challenge Blog. The deal this week is too use homemade flowers on your layout so I crocheted some of my own and added them to this design:

hide & seek



What happened to ...

...yesterday's post? hmmmm......it disappeared. Could swear I had posted, but maybe I forgot. That happens a lot on Saturdays. Lots of things get forgotten in the midst of life craziness that Saturdays are around here. It is always a juggling act trying to get everyone where they need to be (including Jordan) with only 2 cars. Especially when Jordan drives one of them and gets herself to her game --- that leave three games,two adults and one car. I have to admit though that walking the dog and Luke home from his soccer game was quite refreshing and full of smiles. Watching Luke & Coop together is always a reason to smile. There is nothing better than a boy and his dog.

Here are a few pics from Luke's game yesterday:

luke field

luke running

luke goal

The bummer is that I got some really great shots during the first half while Luke was on my side of the field --- but turns out that the memory card wasn't in the camera! heheheh--- oh well, there is always next time!

Austin had a great game this morning in the beautiful sunshine at Kasch Park. It truly felt like a cool August morning. There was nothing about the warmth and sunshine that said October in the Pacific Northwest. You gotta love that. It was a great morning, but then David got a migraine and ended up in bed all day. Migraines are the worst thing ever. I feel for him. He is doing a bit better, but still down for the count.

He had the house to himself most of the day though --- Jordan, Sarah & I went to Auntie Evie's house for Lacie's Bridal Shower. There was almost 40 ladies there --- fun, loud, and crazy with some amazing food!

I love this picture of Auntie Deb & Lacie --- she is going to be a beautiful bride!


Jordan & Makena are best buddies - watching them interact was a really good reason for smiles:

makena1 copymakena 2

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