It's almost May 1st!

and that means reveal day over at Dixie Pieces! I am a day early --- but David & I are heading out of town tomorrow for a few days alone and so I am getting a jump start!

Check out this kit:


Here are a few of my samples:


round & round

loungin around

There are plenty more fabulous samples over in the gallery---head on over there and check them out!

on a different note----I was a hair model today in downtown Seattle at a fabulous salon called SEVEN. As a model, I got pampered and fussed over for FREE! Yep---I rec'd $175 service for FREE! Now that is the kind of deal I love! I didn't get great pics because I was in a hurry but here is one that will work:



Not the best pics---too much flash in the last one to really see the pretty color --but it's caramel highlights and it's cut in a layered bob! I love it!

Okay--that's it for me till we return!



My Little Shoebox

I love all scrapbooking products -- I don't usually play favorites. But....I have to say that when I stepped in the My Little SHoebox booth at CHA Winter I just knew that they would soon rank up their with my top 5 scrapbooking companies! Everything was bright and cheerful and the gals were so sweet and helpful.

So imagine how thrilled I was to hear they were having a Design Team Call! I just know that they will have 100's of talented scrappers apply, but I just can't pass up the opportunity to give it a shot! After all --- you never know if you don't try, right?

So, I thought I would share the layouts that I have created recently using their product. I know some of them I have posted before, but I wanted to have them all in one place! Here you go!

welcome home


close to home

sweet cooper

my little shoebox cards

a tweet box

Wish me luck!

National Scrapbooking Day!

Yep-it's almost here! Saturday is the day that every scrapbooker celebrates! A day to veg out in our scrap spaces or at crops with our friends and celebrate the fact that we create! Isn't life great? I love that we have a "day" in our honor. Funny thing is though---I scrap like everyday was National Scrapbook Day!

This year, I will be missing out on the scrapping though --- but I will still be having a great time. David & I will be out on the Pacific Ocean on Saturday spending some quality time together. -- Hate to say it ladies, but that beats National Scrapbook Day! Did I just say that outloud? Ooooops.

But, you all should join in the fun! There is so much going on this weekend at all my favorite scrapping sites --- that I just have to share it all with you!

First over at Dixie Pieces they will be having an inpromptu party to celebrate! Here is the announcement:


National Scrapbooking Day Event at DixiePieces.com
DixiePieces is offering challenges to get you scrapping this weekend in celebration of National Scrapbooking Day. All the April challenges in the forum will be extended, and two new challenges will be added on Saturday, May 2nd. The deadline for completing challenges will be Sunday night, May 3rd, at midnight PDT.

For each challenge completed, you will receive a ticket for the random prize drawing. What's the prize? A free June 2009 scrapbook kit! June? Wow! That's not even available for sale yet! But wait; there's more! In addition to receiving the June 2009 kit before it's available to anyone else, you will win the opportunity to be the June 2009 guest designer! Interested? Head on over to www.dixiepieces.com, and start completing those challenges!


So you can get started early! The April monthly challenges are already posted and in full swing - so head on over and take a look and start scrapping! You can find them here. I received my June Kit in the mail yesterday and let me tell you ----It is FABULOUS! So, give it a try ladies, start scrapping now and then check on on Saturday for a couple more challenges. Every one you do gets you one step closer to receiving that great June Kit and being our June Guest Designer! I would love to design with you all -- so get your scrap on!

Next, head on over to the Scrap-Diner for more fun times!

Sher is being very secretive about the actual crop on Saturday, but I can tell you to be prepared for tons of fun! In addition, you will have the whole month of May to finish your challenges in order to qualify for the prize! So, this is one National Scrapbook Day crop that I will get to play in --- when I get back from vacation! You gotta love that!

Here is the announcement!


Finally, if you are local, head on over to the Urban Scrapbooker in Edmonds, for a fun party! Brooke will have door prizes, make & takes, and lots of sale items! She has just redone the store and gotten in a huge amount of new product! Check it out!

Whatever you do on National Scrapbooking Day --- have some extra fun for me!


The Tulip Fields

Made up to Skagit Valley yesterday to see the tulips. Believe it or not, I've never been up there in the 44 years that I have lived an hour away. I think there are lots of things around the PNW that I have never seen---I think I will work on that!

Here are some fun pics for you:

This is actually the daffodil field--it was almost bloomed out:


This is too funny:

angel luke

This is my boys with their grandma --so sweet the way they worry about her!


Chase wasn't happy being a girl until Luke had to be a flower!

tulip town

field 1


Phew---I made it through the weekend!~

I did it! I just got back from the final sporting event of the weekend -- it's 8:00pm and I am jazzed up on coffee and ready to go hang out in my scrapping space! A quick update for you on the weekend events:

---David & Tommy finished up the baby room and he will be heading home tomorrow evening. The weather down in Missouri has been crazy--tons of storms and such. Everyone down there is pretty used to it, but it's all an adventure for David. He said he was outside in a lightning storm at 4am --- why, I don't know!

---Jordan's soccer team won their game tonight in the second overtime period. She played great and the team will go to the semi-finals next weekend.

---Chase & Luke got most of the yard work done today -- so I can check that off my list!

---Didn't make it to Weight Watchers yesterday, so we will go on Thursday sometime. Hoping that I can drop a few more pounds before we head out of town.

What else? I have a few layouts for you:

Love this picture of Makena ---


A quick & easy layout of Luke:

bring on the waves

My bubby----Coop:

sweet cooper

Travis & Jordan:

smile for me


Appreciation Check

So, I have realized that I don't appreciate my husband enough. There, I said it. I take him for granted and I shouldn't. He is down in Missouri helping Tom & Angie get the baby room together and boy do I miss him. Okay, I more than miss him, I miss his presence --- I just flat out miss him being here. Now, at first, it was purely selfish. I just don't like doing everything myself. All the driving, all the games & practices, all the laundry, all the ----well, just ALLLLLLLLL of everything. But after today, I realize that I just miss sharing the everyday with him.

I sat in the stands at AUstin's game today and watched him play a brilliant baseball game. He pitched 6 innings, threw 72 pitches, was on base 4 times with a single, a double, a bunt and a walk, and left his heart out on the field. I was so proud of him and David wasn't there to share that with me.

I took the kids out for pizza for Luke's birthday dinner - even Travis was there. It was so much fun. I loved being able to celebrate Luke together. They are all so grown up now. There we were in a nice italian restaurant totally enjoying each other and having real conversations. I realized the days of avoiding eating out are over. We all had a pleasant dinner together. So grown up they are. But David wasn't there and I missed sharing that moment with him.

Yes---I miss him because he isn't here to help me with all the running around and the laundry-----but, I miss him more because he isn't here to share life with me. I am being dramatic I know. After all, he will be home in a couple days. But, I realized again today, that after 23 years of marriage ---- I still look to him for his smile and his acknowledgement that we are in this together.

Monday night seems a long way away.


A couple spring days...

...and we all have a different outlook on life! Yep--the sun has been out, the temperature has been warm and spring has arrived. It all just makes me happy. Even today when I woke up to the spring rain, I was still smiling. There is just something about the change in weather from winter to spring that makes us all different people. I love it!

Life is crazy busy here still - with no change on the horizon. Lot's going on, but I'd thought I'd give you a quick post with some pics and a few announcements.

First off ---Luke's 9th birthday is this Saturday, but we took him and some buddies bowling on Sunday to celebrate:

5 x 10

Luke was a terrific bowler! The technique came naturally for him and after a few consultations from dad he was on fire!


bowling 2
bowling 3

Second---Chase finally played a game on a field where the parents got to sit close enough to take pictures! But just my luck--this was the game that was his turn to sit out 3 innings. I did get a few pics:

chase baseball

chase baseball close up

Luke 5-7

Finally --- some pics from yesterday ---it was only 70 degrees but after a long cold winter - it felt like 90 degrees! If you look closely you can see Luke's teeth chattering!

boys water

boys grass

l;uke 5-7

On a different note: head on over to My Acrylic Album. I am the guest designer this month. They make very high quality acrylic albums and I had lots of fun making the mini book! Truly an honor to work with them a bit!



I finished the final book of the Twilight Series last night. I have to say that it absolutely lived up to the hype. I find most things don't, but I was intriqued by these books all the way through and you have to love a happy ending. I still haven't seen the movie and I'm not that anxiuos too -- but the books were totally entertaining. You know the kind -- easy reading without too much deep messages in between. Just a good story to escape life for a while with. If you haven't read them - you should!

The big contest over at Scrap-Tastic is coming to an end. This was the last challenge and the winner will be announced Monday. This contest really made me think outside my comfort zone and try new things. That is what I love about a good contest. The final challenge was to scrap a two page layout with a masking technique --- and the journaling had to be at least 4 lines composed from an existing song. The catch is that you had to change the words and provide your own lyrics.

This proved to be very difficult for me. It wasn't until I decided to do an 8.5 x 11 landscape layout that the creativity started flowing. SOmetimes, you just have to switch things from what is normal to be able to create!


Some more stuff for you.....

I am doing some design work for a local sales rep in the scrapbooking industry. She reps for K & Co - EK Success - Inka Stamps just to name a few. Here are a few layouts I just completed for her with some of the new K & Co lines on the market now:

my  beach bums

summer getaway

the girls

Then a couple more just for fun:

This one was inspired by a Donna Espiritu sketch over at Dixie Pieces:


This one was for a challenge over at Dixie Pieces - to use a blurry photo in your layout:

fast break

A few other pics for you from the past weekend---managed to get Jordan & Travis together for a couple shots:

j & T 1

j & T 2 copy

j & T 3


Fun Crop Starting Soon!

This weekend over at My Sketch World, there is going to be a fabulous crop! We have so much fun over there, you have to stop by and check it out!


The forum is hopping since Lucy started it a couple months ago and I have met so many new friends! I love that! They have great challenges all month and fabulous sponsors! Last month, the contest sponsor was ScrapDango Kit Club! The contest was to follow a sketch and to scrap something that made you feel "SO LUCKY". Here was my entry:

the man

Here is the Lucy Chesna sketch---another amazing piece of art to work from:


They just posted the winner today and it was me! I am so excited! How fun is that? There were so many fabulous layouts - totally an honor! I just want to send out a big thank-you to Carrie over at ScrapDango for sponsoring this month's contest! They put together some amazing kits! Just look at this kit that is heading my way:


mmmmmmm.....KaiserCraft - Making Memories - fun! It couldn't come at a better time, either. Jordan is putting together a scrapbook basket to raise money at the church auction for her mission trip to Germany this summer. This will be a fantastic addition to the basket! Thanks again to both My Sketch World and ScrapDango fot such a great opportunity!

Don't forget the fun crop this weekend!~


Lots to Share Today!

First a layout for you created with a fabulous sketch by Becky Fleck over at the Page Maps Blog. My Mind's Eye is sponsoring a contest this month - using this sketch:


Theme of the layout is "What's on your Mind?" ---well, this was easy for me these days---BASEBALL is on my mind 24-7.

all consuming passion

Speaking of baseball ---we had 4 games on Saturday and we even managed to take Cooper with us! It was cold, windy and rainy on and off --- but the games were great and the boys played great! Got a chance to get some fun pics:

Luke --the cutest catcher anywhere--

luke catcher

Chase & Coop---Chase by the way has started avoiding the camera at all costs----who raised this boy?

coop & Chase park

My guy---sporting the scruffy weekend look:

david closeup

Luke still the poser:

Like color hoodie

My oh--so photogenic puppy dog:

cooper macro shot

cooper macro 2

David & Cooper bonding:

coop & dave

coop & david

david & coop screwing around!

All tired out:

sleepy coop

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