Weekend Update

Baking Day was Saturday and we baked and baked and baked! We ended up with:

Peppermint Bark
12 dozen truffles in 3 flavors
9 dozen cookies in 3 flavors
20 pounds of fudge in 4 flavors
a 13 gallon garbage bag of carmel corn
peanut clusters
candy cane hearts
2 gingerbread houses

Of course - we were all so busy and exhausted that I didn't take very many pictures! Only have a few for you:

Austin unwrapping kisses for the cookies:


David stirring the fudge:


Austin making carmel:


and one of the 2 dozen plates of goodies we handed out to the neighbors:

treat plate

A couple more cute pics for you --- Chase was on a youth group sleepover and was exhausted the whole day. Jack came over with Sarah and snuggled up with Chase most of the day:

chase-jack 5-7

cahse jack nap

I'm not sure what triggered it, but I ended up with a migraine yesterday, the first one I have had in 4 years! The meds I take for anxiety usually work on my migraines too -- but somehow this one broke right through. Luckily, it was bad as far as migraines go --- but I did veg the day away yesterday and have a lovely migraine hangover today. I have had a few layouts to share with you for awhile ---

tree topper

easter morning

4 more days till Christmas.

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Michelle said...

I cannot imagine baking that much.....good for you all.

I must say in the first picture you posted, Austin looks like he is holding the chair with his mouth. :o)

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