Christmas Update

Finally ---- I finally felt up to going through all the pictures ---- there were over 500 of them! I've been having issues with my camera, though, so I only ended up with about 50 good ones! I really need to start thinking about a new Canon. I think there is going to be some creative financing in my future!

Christmas was FANTASTIC! I was really having a hard time getting in the mood this year. It just came up so quickly and we didn't really spend much time with our normal Christmas activities this year. But, it turned out to be the best Christmas that I remember in a long time.

Christmas Eve:

We started out by visiting Grandpa Kenny --- he is doing great! I really need to make a better effort this year to stop by and visit more often! Then we headed to Shannon's for the family Christmas Eve party. Eddie was back as Santa -- we missed you last year -- and it felt so festive! Even though the house was super crowded - it was great to see everyone happy and together.

kids santa 5-7kimdavid santa 5-7

kidds 5-7peace 5-7

aunties 5-7cousins 5-7

Then we headed home for the evening --- we took pics, had a ping pong tournament, read the Christmas Story, and watched a movie --- before settling all the kids in the living room to sleep. I love that Travis & Jordan still sleep out there with the boys --- even though there are empty, comfortable beds in the house!

jordan jesse treetravis michelle tree

family treedavid me tree 5-7

luke sleeping under tree

Christmas morning didn't arrive as early as it usually does! THe kids are getting older and they like their sleep --- we finally got out of bed about 7:30 -- the younger kids opened their stockings while Travis & Jordan tried to sleep!

christmas morning 4-6full stockings

austin stocking

Then we had a big breakfast and waited for Mike & Sarah to arrive. A big thanks to the neighbors for bringing us a huge jug of buttermilk pancake mix and 3 pounds of sausage! Sarah & Mike arrived with their puppies in toe and the fun began!

christmas frodo

I wrapped presents a little differently this year --- all gifts in one box.

opening presents 3opening presents

oopening presents 1

Everyone came away happy! There was smiles and laughter all around. We spent the next hour watching Big Bang Theory on video and laughing our heads off with Sheldon and Leonard!

bigbang theory

Next up was a Ping Pong Tournament and then we headed out to see "Sherlock Holmes" at the theater. It was a fabulous holiday!

I can't explain the feeling this year --- there was no bickering - no drama. It was relaxing and calm and everyone was happy to be here together. Over the years, there has always been the feeling like we were forcing the kids to all be together --- not this year. No one was in a hurry and everyone was happy just to chill and be together. I loved that. It made my heart happy. I loved spending this holiday focusing on my family. Over the years, we have always -- ran here, ran there -- hurry, hurry, hurry. This year, David & I decided that Christmas Eve could be about extended family, but Christmas DAy had to be about us and our kids. It was amazing.


Nicole said...

Beautiful photos, Kim!! You have such a gorgeous family!

Kim said...

Wow what a fabulous Christmas you did have

scrappermimi said...

Wonderful photos...looks like a great holiday!

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