Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday baby girl! 19 years old --- amazing. Remember that day like it was yesterday --- you blessed me with a gloriously short 4 hour labor and delivery. You always have made parenting look easy. I'm grateful for that!


(By the way --- you don't wake up so happy & bright eyed anymore!)

jordan me bw

Birthday dinner planned for tomorrow night - wishing Uncle Tom a happy birthday too!

Birthday's are a plenty this time of year and we are also celebrating over on the Scrap Tiffanyblog. It's her birthday week too! My layout was from Chase's birthday ---- man I love that boy! Still made a wish and blew it out for me even though we were candleless!

make a wish

In other fun scrappin' news, I am the Guest Designer for December over at theMy Stamp Box Blog! It was so great to work with their HOHOHO stamp set! Head on over to the blog and check out my designs - leave me some love over there! I want to send a big thank you to Bettina for letting me play and have fun with them this month!


pattiwest said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!! You two look so much alike...you're both so cute! We have 3 December b'days in our family and then 2 more in January. Love your lo too - I just got some of that CC. :)

Marcie said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! My little girls birthday is Dec. 14th also! She just turned 10!

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