Weekend Update!

It's been a long weekend around here -- but fabulous all around! David had Friday off and we were able to get some things crossed off the to-do list to get ready for the winter and the holidays around here.

David & the boys cleaned the gutters, stacked more wood, chopped up the downed tree branches, cleaned out the sheds, arranged the inside storage closet, patched the hole in the wall and David even worked on the sheetrock side job for his co-worker.

We had a couple practices, a piano recital, a birthday party, a band practice, a soccer game and Jordan & I even went to see NEW MOON (more on that later!) It has been a busy weekend.

But, the funnest thing that we did was to create these:

pop cakes

These are CAKE POPS --- and we learned about them from the Bakerella Blog! I spent a couple hours last week browsing through all that yumminess that this blog has to offer. Jordan & I were hooked and we just had to give it a try. We went simple the first time around and just added a few sprinkles here and there. Let me tell you --- these are the ultimate in yumminess! Everyone in the house is hooked. We are going to shoot for more decorating next time around!

Also this weekend, I was able to get some scrappin' time in. Not tons, but enough! Here is the only layout I can share with you today:

Change stays the same

I've had that picture for awhile and just couldn't make up my mind what supplies I wanted to use. This new stuff from Basic Grey turned out perfect.

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Tammy said...

I never thought of putting the cake on a stick! We just called them cake bites.

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