Wedding photos...

...I didn't get many pics of the bride & groom. I really didn't want to be snapping pics during the ceremony and during the reception they were always surrounded by tons of folks. But, it was a BEAUTIFUL CEREMONY! I love weddings and the huge celebration that comes with them. This was no exception. There was tons of great food, lots of fabulous dancing, and plenty of family visiting. Here you go..... tons of photos for you:

formal luke 5-7

luke tux 5-7

luke grace 5-7

lily church

luke grace 5-7 table

jake grace 5-7

jake grace 5-7 2

group 5-7


cutting the cake

nancy evie


grandma kids

grace & brody

mom i

travis me

luke makena

mike sarah church

group boys

pew 5-7

shannon jake tie

luke girls 5-7

jordan me bw


Suzy said...

What a beautiful family! You will have fun scrapbooking these for sure :)

Heather Lough said...

Great photos. Everyone looks so beautiful.

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