Yep --- it's Friday and the start of a fun, busy weekend for our family. Tonight we have the wedding rehearsal and dinner - which Luke & I will be going to while David takes Austin to baseball and Jordan takes Chase to Church. Tomorrow, the schedule gets a little but crazy --- but I think we have a plan:

8:30 - Jordan leaves for school testing
10:00 - Drop Austin off at Soccer Game
11:30 - Drop David & Luke off at Soccer Game
1:00 - Pick up Austin at soccer Game
1:30 - Pick up Luke at Soccer Game
2:00 - Jordan picks up Coach David at End of the Year Soccer Party
4:00 - Luke & I to church for Pictures
6:30 - Wedding starts!

Believe me --- it is getting very complicated these days with only 2 vehicles!

The weather was chilly last night - but the house was cozy. In fact, within minutes of Jordan laying down in front of the fire -- she had guests:

small pets jordan

and a few minutes later:


Earlier in the day Cooper figured out that we have new members of our family --- thankfully, all he did was look!

cooper fish

A quick Disney (I want to go back!) project for the Urban Scrapbooker:

disney stuff

I'll be back Sunday with lots of wedding photos for you!

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