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...yesterday's post? hmmmm......it disappeared. Could swear I had posted, but maybe I forgot. That happens a lot on Saturdays. Lots of things get forgotten in the midst of life craziness that Saturdays are around here. It is always a juggling act trying to get everyone where they need to be (including Jordan) with only 2 cars. Especially when Jordan drives one of them and gets herself to her game --- that leave three games,two adults and one car. I have to admit though that walking the dog and Luke home from his soccer game was quite refreshing and full of smiles. Watching Luke & Coop together is always a reason to smile. There is nothing better than a boy and his dog.

Here are a few pics from Luke's game yesterday:

luke field

luke running

luke goal

The bummer is that I got some really great shots during the first half while Luke was on my side of the field --- but turns out that the memory card wasn't in the camera! heheheh--- oh well, there is always next time!

Austin had a great game this morning in the beautiful sunshine at Kasch Park. It truly felt like a cool August morning. There was nothing about the warmth and sunshine that said October in the Pacific Northwest. You gotta love that. It was a great morning, but then David got a migraine and ended up in bed all day. Migraines are the worst thing ever. I feel for him. He is doing a bit better, but still down for the count.

He had the house to himself most of the day though --- Jordan, Sarah & I went to Auntie Evie's house for Lacie's Bridal Shower. There was almost 40 ladies there --- fun, loud, and crazy with some amazing food!

I love this picture of Auntie Deb & Lacie --- she is going to be a beautiful bride!


Jordan & Makena are best buddies - watching them interact was a really good reason for smiles:

makena1 copymakena 2

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