A Perfect Fit

Any uncertainty that we had about the new select baseball team for Austin have all gone away with the distribution of this memo to the team:

it said....


1. Always let your coach know if you are sick or will miss practice or a game. This is your responsibility.
2. Report to practice on time. Never leave practice until your coach excuses you.
3. Report to practice with the proper gear.
4. "Huh, uh huh, nah, and yeah" will be replaced with "yes, yes coach, no and no coach".
5. Don't lose your composure.
6. Drinking, smoking, drugs, or theft of any kind will result in dismissal from the team.
7. When on the field, run everywhere.
8. Don't sulk - see the coach if you have a complaint or problem.
9. Don't ever argue with a teammate.
10. No swearing on the field.
11. No arguing with the umpire.
12. No throwing bats or helmets.
13. Always practice good manners everywhere you go. Be respectful to teachers, coaches, opponents and fellow students.
14. No wearing of jewelry during practice or games.
15. Remember, at all times, you are a representative of the Seattle Bombers, your coach, and your family.
16.Missing or being late for practice will have a direct affect on your game and playing time.
17. Clean -cut haircuts throughout the season.

Those are the same things we feel strongly about -- gotta love it.

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