October 28th - WOW!

Another month almost over and life is plowing full steam ahead to 2010 --- truly amazing to me since I remember the 2K scare like it was yesterday! Oh well, can't dwell on time flying by ---- on the agenda today is a cooking lesson with Luke. He is going to make orange Rice Krispy treats --- look for some pictures later!

Had a fun weekend - spent our Saturday date night at the MLS Sounders game with Jordan and a couple friends. It was a great game, lots of excitement and a packed house. The fans NEVER sit down. That is no exaggeration! I was lucky to have an aisle seat so that I could sit down and still see our goal and the big screen! We enjoyed Karmel Korn and Garlic Fries ---- and a milkshake from BurgerMaster on the way home.

girls sounder game

Here is a random layout that I played with last night --- no particular reason --- those are my favorite kind!

natural goofball

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