Great Grandma would be proud!

Luke rocked the CHARLESTON at the 1920's party at school today. Not only was he the only one besides the teacher who dressed up, but he was totally into the dancing. He whooped it up to Louie Armstrong...


maggie luke

Here are some layouts from the past weekend at the crop:

family time

kimmy ann


wanna chat

simple pleasures

IMG_7if only647

be jolly by golly

big freeze

There were a few more but they are for kits and you will get to see them really soon! I had tons of fun playing with felt, fabric, and yarn! The funnest was putting some crocheting on my layouts! Lots of playing and experimenting this weekend! Enjoy!


Carla Clark said...

Your pages are absolutely amazing!!! It was so much fun scrapping with you at the retreat. Thanks for teaching me the blanket stitch.

Tiffany said...

Wonderful layouts! Looks like you did a lot.

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