Focus on School

This week -- that is the plan. Focus on School. We have no classes this week at the resource center so we are home all week together and have big plans to get lots of things accomplished! Yesterday Luke had a cooking lesson, Austin started his cell model by creating a plaster cast of a bowl and Chase studied up on the universe playing games on the internet! All in all, a very fun day of homeschooling. Today we are all cozy in the living room near the fire:

luke reading

Coop loves it when we are home and hanging around on the living room floor doing school ---- we do it for him you know!


So this next picture is of a wall in my living room --- the only room in my house that is a boring color. That is going to change very soon. I just bought new paint and you will never believe what color it is. Leave me a comment and take a guess ---- just to rule out a few for you --- the other walls in the house are dark red, denim blue, chocolate brown, earth green, and sky blue ---- what am I missing?

house wall

I will post pics this weekend after it's painted!

Stay tuned for some fun scrappin' news coming soon too!


Andrea Ancich said...

fun that you're painting...

is it going to be yellow or orange?

Carla Clark said...

My guess is yellow. And its so good to be focused on something, lately I feel like I'm running in circles and then stop and ask myself what was I doing again? Have a good day!

Tiffany said...


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