Can I just say....

that I feel cruddy today? My allergies/sinuses are going haywire and I haven't been sleeping well. That post nasal drip that keeps tickling the back of my throat is going to drive me crazy! The good thing is that there is no reason to leave the house today so I can take it easy and get in some scrap therapy!

I'm playing along in the Miss Sassy Contest over at Sassy Scrappers and our first week's challenge was to answer a question from a list provided. I went with "What is your biggest accomplishment?" --- here is what I came up with:

without a doubt


Patti said...

Feel better soon! Have you ever tried Nasonex nasal spray? It's a prescription, but my doctor always gives me a sample when I'm in for sinus stuff. It helps clear up the drippy drainage & gets rid of the scratchy throat!

Marcie said...

This layout is so sharp, love it!

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