Time to catch you up...

...on the famiy happenings around the Holmes house. Summer has been non-stop go go go! However, the last week or so, we have stayed close to home. Hanging out with our friends around the neighborhood, exploring the city a bit, and getting ready for school and wintertime.

Last weekend we were able to find some free firewood on Craigslist. Even better than being free, it was in the Edmonds area and easy to make 3 trips to pick it up.

wood pile

Those of you that know us, know that we heat our house with wood in the winter --- so if you kow of any great deals on firewood --- send us an email!

Yesterday, the neighbor kids were over and all of a sudden I heard laughter coming from upstairs in the loft. I walked up the stairs to this:


They were hanging out looking and laughing at all the old minibooks in the basket. I love that they love them!

Last night we headed up to the National Night Out Celebration in our little town. THe funnest part was the guy that was drawing characatures. He was fabulous! Check these out:



The guy was so excited to draw one for Chase - he was laughing the whole time! Then the guy for the local newspaper took Chase's picture with his drawing. We'll be looking for that in the paper soon!

Did you see Luke's cast? That is Duct Tape on there. It was almost falling off! It was in really bad shape!

Thankfully, today was a great day for Luke. It was time to go to Children's and have a new cast put on. But, guess what? No new cast! He left in a brace! He is thrilled to be able to hit the pool again! Now to pray for some of that summertime heat to return so we can get back in grandmas' pool!

After the hospital, we picked David up from work and headed down to the Seattle Waterfront for Dinner at Ivar's Fish Bar. It was quite a treat! For those of you that have never been there --- you have to love Seagulls! They hang out about 2 feet from your tables and scream for fries!

ivars sign

I love this pick of me and my boys:

me and my boys

Yes, Luke is picking the nose of the Seagull:


Check out the yummy food:



ivars seagull sign

chase seagull

luke seagull


Life is good.


scrappermimi said...

Love the pics! That dinner looks so yummy and so glad your son got that cast off and is doing well and can enjoy summer again!

Tiffany said...

Great pictures!

GinniG said...

What awesome pics! Especially of the seagulls!!! LOVE the Seattle waterfront!!! And glad that Luke's arm is healing so quickly!!!

Rebecca said...

Fun pictures!

Patti said...

What a fun time for you! Never been to Washington - but I've heard it's fabulous! Love the looks of that chowder in that bread bowl.....yummmmmmmmmmmeeeee.

Marcie said...

Great photos! Looks like everyone had a great time & congrats to Luke for getting the cast off!

Elizabeth Roberts said...

That pile of wood brings back memories. When the ice storm happened here two years ago you can't imagine the down trees. It took us almost a year to get it all cut and stacked.

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