I'm on a roll...

... this makes two days in a row that I have posted! Whoo Hooo! I've giving myself a pat on the back!

We got a phone call first thing this morning from Auntie Evie asking us if we would go down to the docks and take a "tour" on the SeaStar. The SeaStar is a real crab boat that has been turned into a museum of sorts since the show "the Deadliest Catch" has become popular on the Discovery Channel. The vessels on that show are based out of Ballard -- a little community just north of Seattle in Washington State. My uncle is a boat owner and until recently an active captain in the fleets that you see in that show. In fact, they are all good buddies and I have been to many canary/fishing parties since I was a little girl. Yes, I know Sig. Now at one time or another almost every male in my family has tried the professional fishing industry. Many have been VERY sucessful and many have not been. Take my husband for example. We got married and within a year -- he wanted to head to Alaska to fish. We were pretty broke and even though I hated the thought of being alone with a newborn --- off he went. Well, I was miserable and no amount of money could have made me relive those 3 months. So, he never went again. But - most of my family fish. We have all the seafood we could ever want or desire and while I am very thankful for folks that love and purchase seafood --- it's just not a big deal to us.

Oopps----went off on a tangent. Back to this morning. This floating museum is the CHASE boat for the television series --- they shoot the outside scenery shots of the boats as they fish. But during the off season, they are docked in Ketchikan or Seattle and open for tours. The local television station decided to do a show on the museum. They needed to be able to follow an active tour. Since there was no real way of knowing when a real group of folks would show up, the boys and I hopped in the car and went down to be the "TOUR".

sea star

We ended up hanging around for a couple of hours while they got everything ready and interviewed the captains that were there. While we were waiting, we played around Fisherman's Terminal.

fishermans terminal

chase fish

This is tough for me --- the wall of those lost at sea in the fishing industry. While none of my immediate family have lost their lives at sea -- they have all been in close calls. In addition, all those names on that wall are connected to my family in one way or another. Even if it's just by virtue of their occupation. Also why we rarely watch the show. It's just not fun for us.

lost at sea wall

This is the FV Polar Lady, my uncles "real" fishing boat. It is down here for the a bit before they head back up to Alaska with a new crew.

polar lady

Having a little fun on the docks while we wait:

screwin' around

We headed back to the boat and they were almost ready for us. They miked up Luke --- cause they thought he would be the talkative one --- and prepared to follow us around as we "toured" and asked questions of the crabber that was our tour guide. The first guy we encountered:


The first conversation between Luke and the reporter:

Reporter: What do you think?
Luke: It's cool.
Reporter: Is it bigger or smaller than you thought?
Luke: (after thinking) It's the same size it's always been!
Reporter: You've been on here before?
Luke: All the boats are the same.

So, even though I had prepped the boys to ask lots of questions and at least pretend that they were in awe of everything --- they really couldn't pull it off! But, we were saved when a real family from New York came for the tour and they were really excited and had come to the west coast just for this reason!

We did play with everything and have lots of footage taken for the show ---

the survival suit:

survival 4-6 1

survival 4-6 2

life boat 5-7

Workin' the bouy hook:

workin 3workin 1workin 2

In the wheelhouse:

captain luke

Luke in the crab pot eating the herring:

luke in pot

As soon as we were done -- we headed back to the car and found a lovely $25 parking ticket. Of course, I assumed that 2 hour parking was fine -- but 4 hours later and I the proud recipient of a bright yellow piece of paper on my windshield. UGH.

I had promised the boys a trip to the cupcake store in Ballard --- we were really excited and didn't even mind paying $2.50 for a cupcake ---

cupcakes 5-7

cupcakes 4-6

austin cupcake 5-7

They looked great and held tons of potential --- but I was totally disappointed. I love red velvet cake --- and I love it because it is so moist and melts in my mouth. This cupcake was dry and boring. So sad.

But I was not disappointed with our next stop! I've never had a bad cheeseburger at Dick's Drive-in. I could eat there everyday!


dicks cheeseburger

Last but not least -- a very cool billboard I saw today:


I am a good student and can handle the test. We will get through this and all will be well. I'm countin' on it! Are you listening LORD?


Tammy said...

Loved all of the photos. How exciting! oH - and those cupcakes - yum!

Tiffany said...

Great fun, and awesome photos! My husband left to go out and fish the night we graduated from high school. I never liked it much. We lost a close family friend when we were in 11th grade. You never really forget.

Patti said...

How fun to learn this about you! You can thank my DH & me as we love seafood. You got some great shots on your little adventure! TFS!!!

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