I'm on a roll...

... this makes two days in a row that I have posted! Whoo Hooo! I've giving myself a pat on the back!

We got a phone call first thing this morning from Auntie Evie asking us if we would go down to the docks and take a "tour" on the SeaStar. The SeaStar is a real crab boat that has been turned into a museum of sorts since the show "the Deadliest Catch" has become popular on the Discovery Channel. The vessels on that show are based out of Ballard -- a little community just north of Seattle in Washington State. My uncle is a boat owner and until recently an active captain in the fleets that you see in that show. In fact, they are all good buddies and I have been to many canary/fishing parties since I was a little girl. Yes, I know Sig. Now at one time or another almost every male in my family has tried the professional fishing industry. Many have been VERY sucessful and many have not been. Take my husband for example. We got married and within a year -- he wanted to head to Alaska to fish. We were pretty broke and even though I hated the thought of being alone with a newborn --- off he went. Well, I was miserable and no amount of money could have made me relive those 3 months. So, he never went again. But - most of my family fish. We have all the seafood we could ever want or desire and while I am very thankful for folks that love and purchase seafood --- it's just not a big deal to us.

Oopps----went off on a tangent. Back to this morning. This floating museum is the CHASE boat for the television series --- they shoot the outside scenery shots of the boats as they fish. But during the off season, they are docked in Ketchikan or Seattle and open for tours. The local television station decided to do a show on the museum. They needed to be able to follow an active tour. Since there was no real way of knowing when a real group of folks would show up, the boys and I hopped in the car and went down to be the "TOUR".

sea star

We ended up hanging around for a couple of hours while they got everything ready and interviewed the captains that were there. While we were waiting, we played around Fisherman's Terminal.

fishermans terminal

chase fish

This is tough for me --- the wall of those lost at sea in the fishing industry. While none of my immediate family have lost their lives at sea -- they have all been in close calls. In addition, all those names on that wall are connected to my family in one way or another. Even if it's just by virtue of their occupation. Also why we rarely watch the show. It's just not fun for us.

lost at sea wall

This is the FV Polar Lady, my uncles "real" fishing boat. It is down here for the a bit before they head back up to Alaska with a new crew.

polar lady

Having a little fun on the docks while we wait:

screwin' around

We headed back to the boat and they were almost ready for us. They miked up Luke --- cause they thought he would be the talkative one --- and prepared to follow us around as we "toured" and asked questions of the crabber that was our tour guide. The first guy we encountered:


The first conversation between Luke and the reporter:

Reporter: What do you think?
Luke: It's cool.
Reporter: Is it bigger or smaller than you thought?
Luke: (after thinking) It's the same size it's always been!
Reporter: You've been on here before?
Luke: All the boats are the same.

So, even though I had prepped the boys to ask lots of questions and at least pretend that they were in awe of everything --- they really couldn't pull it off! But, we were saved when a real family from New York came for the tour and they were really excited and had come to the west coast just for this reason!

We did play with everything and have lots of footage taken for the show ---

the survival suit:

survival 4-6 1

survival 4-6 2

life boat 5-7

Workin' the bouy hook:

workin 3workin 1workin 2

In the wheelhouse:

captain luke

Luke in the crab pot eating the herring:

luke in pot

As soon as we were done -- we headed back to the car and found a lovely $25 parking ticket. Of course, I assumed that 2 hour parking was fine -- but 4 hours later and I the proud recipient of a bright yellow piece of paper on my windshield. UGH.

I had promised the boys a trip to the cupcake store in Ballard --- we were really excited and didn't even mind paying $2.50 for a cupcake ---

cupcakes 5-7

cupcakes 4-6

austin cupcake 5-7

They looked great and held tons of potential --- but I was totally disappointed. I love red velvet cake --- and I love it because it is so moist and melts in my mouth. This cupcake was dry and boring. So sad.

But I was not disappointed with our next stop! I've never had a bad cheeseburger at Dick's Drive-in. I could eat there everyday!


dicks cheeseburger

Last but not least -- a very cool billboard I saw today:


I am a good student and can handle the test. We will get through this and all will be well. I'm countin' on it! Are you listening LORD?



....is flying by! School is about to start, Christmas is around the corner and then it will 2010! It just all seems to surreal to me. I literally remember Christmas morning of last year like it was yesterday. Every detail of it! Okay so maybe I shouldn't be looking ahead too far, but I do know one thing ---- soccer and fall baseball have started and this is our last weekend without 4 games on the calendar. I need to get some stuff accomplished around here --- finish the school planning, find some more firewood, and start my Christmas shopping! Oops, there's that word again.

On top of all that fun stuff, my mom is having knee replacement surgery and that takes her out of the driving equations! I don't know what we were thinking, but with David as the coach of Luke's team, that leaves me to make sure I get Chase and Austin to their games and to make sure Jordan has a way to get to hers. Hmmm..... looks like we will be using Grandma's car while she is laid up! Praise the Lord for small blessings!

This started out as a post on time --- because that's what the blog challenge was over at Scrap Tiffany this week! Simple, right? Just scrap a layout about time or the lack thereof and send it to Tiffany by the date listed in the blog post and you will be entered to win one of her great monthly project kits!

I scanned some pics of David & I as toddlers and then formatted them in Photoshop to make them look similar and then created this layout:

once upon a time..


I wish....

... I could snap out of the funk I woke up in 3 days ago! Ugh --- is all I have to say about that! So much going on with so many people these days that I think I am finally feeling the weight of the economy and the state of affairs around the area. Even though we are blessed that David still has a great job -- I just feel the weight of a dwindling savings account and too many financial choices that seem to be jumping up to bite us these days! I know that it is all in the Lord's plan and hands --- But, we definitely need to be better stewards of our resources! It's so hard, when we want to do things --- especially head down to Missouri. One day, I'm all ready to charge it and go into more debt and the next, I'm telling David there is no way we can go. Well --- I'm sure we are all in the same boat in one way or another!

On a lighter note - I have been spending some hours helping Brooke at the Urban Scrapbooker and that has made my mood happier! She is getting tons of new stuff in from CHA Orders and if you are from around the area --- you NEED to check it out! Here are a few things I created for the store with some new halloween paper by My Mind's Eye:

be yourself

Yep --- that's the new Halloween paper! I absolutely fell in love with the back sides and it was sooooo perfect for this fun vintage layout!

She also got the other new Halloween line from My Mind's Eye --- the more whimsical one:


halloween cards 1

halloween cards 2

Those googly eyes are on springs! My boys loved them!

In other fun scrapping arenas --- the Scrap Tiffany Blog has a new challenge up this week! Well, it actually started on Monday, but I am a bit behind! But, no worries because you have all month to play along in order to qualify for the drawing for one of her kits! Let me tell you --- YOU WANT HER KITS! I just rec'd the July & August Kits in the mail and they are fabulous! I am saving them to work on while I'm hanging out in the hospital with my mom after her surgery.

Anyway the challenge this week was to create a layout about your bucket list. Now, I don't have one and really never even thought about having one. Not that I don't have things in life that I plan to do --- I just never thought of them in that way. So, being the rebel that I am.... (not).... I did a layout about NOT having a BUCKET LIST!

bucket list

and last but not least.... a couple of cards that I created for the ABC Crop over at My Sketch World.

L is for Lime & Lace:

lime lace card

N is for Numbers:

whatcha up to card


Awww- My Baby is 21 today!

Happy Birthday to my baby! Travis turns 21 today and the memories just keep coming the more I think about it!

I'll never forget his birth --- it being my first labor and delivery and all. I had been to the classes and David & I had decided that we would have a natural birth. We read up on everything and made the decision to have a midwife but have the delivery in a hospital just in case. All was planned and we were ready.

David was due to have major knee surgery, so we planned it 2 weeks before the birth - thinking that was a good amount of time for recovery but still would give him 4 more weeks off from work to spent with me and the baby. Well, Travis had another plan.

He arrived less than 24 hours after David's knee surgery- 2 weeks early! David wheeled around the birthing center on a chair with wheels -- completely ignoring all the doctor's advice for rest, elevation and ice!

Going back to the birth --- all was going well until about 6 hours into labor. The pain was getting unbearable and the labor coach and David kept telling me, "You're doing great --- just get through this contraction.....blah.blah.blah" There were a lot of ladies in labor that day and I could hear a lot of screaming in the hospital --- then it all stopped. Finally, sensing that I was at the end of my rope, I told David I wanted drugs. Of course, as pre-arranged, he said, "You can do it, just one more...". I very calmly told him, "Look, I understand that is what we decided, but I've changed my mind. Everyone else in this F*&ing hospital gets drugs including you and I want them now!" Then another contraction hit. At that point they told me I could push and he was born within minutes.

Looking back, I realize that they knew I was close and that it was too late to give me anything, but man was I mad! Our new little family ended up having 6 weeks together before we both had to go back to work -- it was such a great time together. Though, I do distinctly remember that I had no time to recoop because David's knee swelled so bad, he couldn't move for days!

david travis

As the first born and oldest, Travis had to pave the way for the rest of the kids as well as teach us how to be parents. It wasn't always easy -- but I couldn't love him more! I have lots of hopes and dreams for my kids -- but above all, I want them to be happy, healthy and enjoy life. Travis lives life to the fullest, works hard and has fun. I love that.

Here's to you -- my baby boy -- I love you more than you can even imagine!



Some more art to share!

a couple of cards:

luv you card 2

it's your day


kiss the girl

Thanks to the fun crop going on over at My Sketch World I have been getting lots accomplished!


hehehehe----for those of you who aren't online scrapbooking savvy --- a "toot" is when you have been given an honor in the industry --- usually making a design team, having something published, or winning a contest or prize. It's short for "Tooting your own horn" which in the scrapbooking industry is a good thing to do. Sharing your good fortune and news is a happy thing! So, today I have a toot! It's a fun one!

I woke up to find a fun email in my inbox from Scrapbook News & Review --- an online magazine and scrapbook resource. It said:

"Congratulations, Scrapbook News and Review, the leading paper crafting magazine on the internet, has noticed and is impressed by your blog. We appreciate the time, effort and creativity that you share with the crafting world and to show our approval, we’ve included this unique blog award for you to proudly display.

This award is possible only if you’ve been nominated by our staff or readers and have been approved by our editors. We encourage you to display it proudly and link it back to Scrapbook News and Review Magazine. We thank you for all you’ve given to the blogging world and encourage you to keep doing so. We’ll keep watching and enjoying."


Isn't that fun? I am moving the award over to the strip on the right and I'm going to proudly display it always! Thanks Lucy for the nomination!



...I know. It's been almost a week but you'll be happy to know that it wasn't because I was too busy---more that I just have been slackin' --- taking it easy --- veggie --- okay, so I just plain forgot. But, all is well. Everyone is happy and healthy and with the exceptions of a few accidents --- this week has been fairly uneventful. We won't talk about the accidents. After all, what's money anyway? We can't take it with us. Can you tell --- I'm trying to convince myself of that?

First and most important --- is the new challenge over at the Scrap Tiffany Blog! The challenge this week was to use something that I was embarrassed that I bought and that has been sitting in my stash collecting dust. Over the years, I have had quite a few of these kinds of items, but I have become very good at purging my supplies so this proved to be a bit tough for me. What I found was some Technique Tuesday adhesive canvas shapes. I have had them for over 4 years! I still think their cool ---but they have never been used. This challenge was perfect for me to get them out and on a layout.

For this layout, I put some tissue paper under the squares/heart and then stitched around them.


Then being inspired - I used the circle ones on this layout for the ABC Crop over at My Sketch World. It is such a fabulous crop ---going on all month with tons of challenges and games and some great prizes from I AM A SCRAPAHOLIC".


Here are a few others -- for various calls:

raccoon rescue

starting pitcher


stick together

We also have some very exciting news! My adorable cousin Lacie and her boyfriend Tom are getting married! I couldn't be more thrilled and we went looking for wedding dresses on Saturday! She is going to be one very beautiful bride! I was too busy looking and chatting to get too many pics ---but Jordan managed to get a few:

lacie deb

Makena & Lily were adorable as usual:


Just chillin' with me:

me and the girls

And the photographer herself:

jordan camera

I will leave you with one more pic --- my favorite of the whole week --- Luke & Coop of course:

coop & luke


Time to catch you up...

...on the famiy happenings around the Holmes house. Summer has been non-stop go go go! However, the last week or so, we have stayed close to home. Hanging out with our friends around the neighborhood, exploring the city a bit, and getting ready for school and wintertime.

Last weekend we were able to find some free firewood on Craigslist. Even better than being free, it was in the Edmonds area and easy to make 3 trips to pick it up.

wood pile

Those of you that know us, know that we heat our house with wood in the winter --- so if you kow of any great deals on firewood --- send us an email!

Yesterday, the neighbor kids were over and all of a sudden I heard laughter coming from upstairs in the loft. I walked up the stairs to this:


They were hanging out looking and laughing at all the old minibooks in the basket. I love that they love them!

Last night we headed up to the National Night Out Celebration in our little town. THe funnest part was the guy that was drawing characatures. He was fabulous! Check these out:



The guy was so excited to draw one for Chase - he was laughing the whole time! Then the guy for the local newspaper took Chase's picture with his drawing. We'll be looking for that in the paper soon!

Did you see Luke's cast? That is Duct Tape on there. It was almost falling off! It was in really bad shape!

Thankfully, today was a great day for Luke. It was time to go to Children's and have a new cast put on. But, guess what? No new cast! He left in a brace! He is thrilled to be able to hit the pool again! Now to pray for some of that summertime heat to return so we can get back in grandmas' pool!

After the hospital, we picked David up from work and headed down to the Seattle Waterfront for Dinner at Ivar's Fish Bar. It was quite a treat! For those of you that have never been there --- you have to love Seagulls! They hang out about 2 feet from your tables and scream for fries!

ivars sign

I love this pick of me and my boys:

me and my boys

Yes, Luke is picking the nose of the Seagull:


Check out the yummy food:



ivars seagull sign

chase seagull

luke seagull


Life is good.

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