Photoshop Fun!

I registered to take a class from Jessica Sprague on Photoshop techniques and today was day 12 and I hadn't even started yet! But, with the 92 degree weather outside, my loft was over 100 degrees and way to hot to scrap --- so tonight was the night! I'm not caught up but I have made it through lesson #7 and I'm having a great time!

Let me show you what I've done:


IMG_1326relax with frame

lean treegrunge edge photo

frog eyesluke textures

310seek copy

You know what the most important thing I've learned tonight is??? There is no bad photo! Every photo can be made to look cool!


Heather Lough said...

Those are awesome Kim. I signed up for the class but haven't done anything either. A lot of the first stuff I knew, but now you've made me want to go see what I've missed.

Rebecca said...

Wow awesome photo editing work. I started the class but I m about a week or more behind! I am hoping to catch up this weekend bc it is REALLY hot here too (over 100 degrees at 9:00am!!)

Tiffany said...

You made it farther than I did, I olny got to Lesson 2! Your photos look great!

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Don't you love that class? I am loving it! I haven't finished yet either but I'm learning some great new techniques! Love your photos!

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