Phew - That was a very long weekend!

So much happened last weekend that it feels like it dragged on forever. Not that a long weekend is a bad thing --- but I feel like I need Monday to come just so that I can rest!

In addition to the Luke broken arm drama --- Austin's All-Star team finished their season today with a loss to Pacific LL - a crushing defeat as Austin had a conflict with soccer and was not able to be there to help his team. Always a tough situation. But, the bright side is that his soccer team has won their first 2 games in the tournament and is looking for one more win tomorrow. That would be fantastic if they could pull it off.

The boys and David had a great time in the tent trailor up at Lake Goodwin with the family - in between sporting events. The weather was fantastic and the fun was abundant! I am happy to report all was "safe & sane" this 4th of July.

While I hung out with Luke at home, I was able to get tons done! I have completed all the molding in the house and it all has it's first coat of paint! I will apply the second coat tomorrow - touch up the walls and then put the room back together. At that point, the only thing left to do on the inside of the house is to put the stair treads on! We are so close to being able to say the original remodel is finished! WhoooHooo!

Scrappin has been taking a back seat to life these last few days -- but I have tons swirling around in my head! Which is a great thing since we are having a girls weekend scrap retreat at my house this weekend! Yep---we are having an open house and I can't wait! Scrapping from Friday morning till Sunday night!

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