Phew! It's been soooo hot here!

I know it's been a week since I posted --- but the weather here has made me feel like a bump on a log! It's been crazy -- record-breaking hot! Yesterday, the official high temp was 103 degrees --- but here it got to 106 degrees. Here in the beautiful MILD Pacific Northwest we just don't own AC units. There was literally nowhere to go to cool down. Well except the mall, the movies, the library and Costco ---- all of which we hit in the first 4 hours of the day! The pool was even too hot --- and crowded. UGH.

Then last night - the island in the middle of Lake Ballinger caught on fire! We had smoke and stench pouring in our open windows till early this morning. Some idiot kids took a BBQ out there and didn't extinquish it properly --- the island is cleared of vegetation. Kind of sad.

The good news it that waking up today --- the temps only got to 85 degrees! Much more livable and now it's already 67 degrees. I can see that I will be getting a good night's sleep, finally! I hate to complain about the heat --- especially after such a long, cold winter --- but anything over 90 degrees and the folks around here get stupid and people start dying - literally. I am thankful that we should be almost back to normal summer temps!

Last weekend we took a quick trip to the beach house - and even though I rarely care what the weather is when I am there, I left feeling kinda bummed that the clouds never cleared and the sun only peeked out a few times. I just had a mind set on how the weekend would go -- outside - sun induced exhaustion -- that I set myself up for disappointment. But, looking back on the pics --- I can see that fun was had by all and after the heat of this week --- there will be no more complaining about cloud cover. Well---not until next winter anyway.

I can only share a few pics right now---I've exceeded my limit on flickr and I'm too lazy to open a new account. Plus --- the limit resets itself on Saturday.

Here are my favorite beach bonfire pics:


SMORE 5-7 copy


And a pic of Cooper---who LOVED the beach and couldn't keep his nose out of the sand!


Plus a layout for you --- from the Scrap Tiffany Blog this week --- on recycling product packaging for you layouts:

travel companions


Lydia said...

Love the close up of the smore, it has been pretty hot here too!! Love your Layout those cosmo cricket papers are so summery

Rebecca said...

Mmmmmm those smores looks so good--I may have to run out and get some chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers for tonight!!

Elizabeth Roberts said...

Great photos now I'm going to have to make me some smores they are soooo good.

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