Edmonds Beach

Took a spur of the moment trip to Edmonds Marina last night. Piled everyone in the car and a few extras! Even Coop got to go---there is an awesome Off-leash dog park down there. It is so great --- everyone in the place is a dog lover so no one cares when they shake on them or chase the wrong tennis ball. Totally a happy place. Top it off with great weather, great friends and great ice cream and definitely a fun summer night!

Making sure I give credit where credit is due--- Jordan is the photographer behind most of these great shots!

Lots of cute puppies:

new friends

cute dog 3

Love this one of Luke teaching Sophie how to skip rocks:

skim lessons

For those of you that don't know -- Cooper doesn't like water -- well until last night! He finally made the plunge (literally) and had a blast! he would even stick his head completely under to try and find the perfect rock!

luke coop

chase coop


Chase was the brave one:

chase swimmin

Luke is the King of finding heart shaped rocks -- check this one out:

heart rock 2

heart rock1

We attempted group photos:

group shot

foot shot

As the sun was starting to set --- got this great idea:


Some of me & David:

us at the beach

us on the beach

Leave you with Coop & the most visited spot at the dog park:



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