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I know I already told you how fantastic Children's Orthopedic Hospital is --- but can I just tell you AGAIN how fantastic they are?? We showed up today and wow does that place run like a well-oiled machine! Two greeters stop you at the front entrance of the WHALE BUILDING (they have a WHALE parking garage and WHALE valet parkers too) and check for flu symptoms and then proclaim you well enough to enter by giving you a sticker --- "WEDNESDAY - NO FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS!" Now really---you are entering a HOSPITAL! Next, you approach the "Welcoming Desk". Here you prove who you are and receive a badge with your picture on it. Now I have my sticker and my badge and I'm ready to go to the proper floor. Once there, you take a number. This is never a good sign! But, my number was 12 numbers away and we only waited 5 minutes! We sat with a team member who checked us in, gave us a pager --- yes, the electronic kind like at restaurants --- and made wonderful small talk with Luke ---who after all was the reason we were there. We then approached the GREEN DOOR -- there were Orange doors, red doors, blue doors, and yellow doors but we were headed for the GREEN doors. We had barely sat down when our pager went off. We stood up and were greeted for his xray which took all of 3 minutes. Then we headed back to the waiting room and again had barely sat down when the pager went off again. We went to the casting room where there were 7 patients and 8 beds. Almost every patient had 1-4 people with them! It should have been chaos --but it wasn't! The doc came in --- gave us the thumbs-up on the x-rays --- and instructed the tech on how to apply the cast. 10 minutes later we were out the door and Luke was sporting a brand new blue cast. Our appointment was at 9:30 --- we arrived at 9:15 --- and were out the door by 9:50!

Oh yeah ---there were kids, siblings & parents everywhere and there was peace and order and total organization. AMAZING but TRUE!

cast day 2

cast day

cast day 3

Notice the little boy in the background --- he had the same injury as Luke and believe it or not there was a toddler on the other side of Luke with the same injury too. They were both pretty nervous until we got there. Luke was laughing and having a good time and he calmed them down. They both opted for blue casts too!


Jennifer said...

Isn't Children's great? Such amazing people work there - we're very lucky to have such an amazing facility close!

PS Luke's blue cast looks awesome (I mean considering he has to have a cast!)

Tiffany said...

Wow! So much smoother than the last time I had to go to the Hospital! Nearly four hours for them to tell us nothing was broken.

Amy said...

Poor Luke! Hope he wasn't in too much pain. We have also spent some times at Childrens and have been very impressed.

Tammy said...

Cook Children's Hospital is the same way only they have a neutral castle theme. Wish adult hospitals ran as smoothly as the children's do ;)

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