You're the Man -

Even though - we aren't much for Hallmark holidays at our house - I just need to tell the world how great my husband is. Now I know that this holiday is about what a great FATHER he is --- and he is --- but, I am celebrating what a great HUSBAND he is.

david 5-7

Even when I am totally unlovable, his arms are always wide open waiting to comfort me, to support me, to love me and to tell me that we are a team - NO MATTER WHAT.

He does the big things like financially support us and make sure that we never NEED for anything.

He does the hard things like work non-stop for a year on a house remodel just because I had a dream.

He does the tedious things like sit for hours every week and sports practices so that I can have time alone to regroup.

He does the little things like open my car door and wink at me from accross the room so that I always know how much he loves me.

He does everything -- he is my everything & yes, he is an amazing father.

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