Teeny tiny little one ---

Great Grandma would have called her itty bitty--and she would have been so right! Emma is a tiny little thing --- perfect & tiny! They all headed home today after the pediatrician gave her a clean bill of health! She even got extra points for having strong muscle tone already! She is so adorable and I am loving all the pictures!

Tom Angie and Baby Emma 6-1-7-09

Tom and Emma

Emma and dads arm

emma Lea 2

okay---are you ready for this one? This just makes me smile! You can really see just how tiny she is!



Michelle said...

OMGosh, she is so sweet and so very tiny. That last picture cracks me up. It looks like she's in giant's car seat. LOL
Congrats again to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Congrtas! You are fianlly a grandma!:D I bet you are SOOO happy! She is so adorable!!! I want to meet and hold her so bad! And what a cute name! Awww :)

Michelle C

Valerie Chmielak said...

CONGRATS!!!! She is SOOOO beautiful!!! How exciting for you and your family!

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