Picture Update!

Finally--some time to play on Photoshop and edit some pics to share! I have been taking my camera everywhere and shooting like crazy. You will notice that they are mostly of Luke---he is the easiest to bribe these days!

Field day last week at the Homeschool Resource Center:

some bubbles:

bubbles 5-7

bubble mix

some dunk tank action:

field day 1

and some face painting courtesy of Jordan:


tattoo 5-7

Next up is a park photo shoot with Luke:

hanging around 5-7

bluepark mix


luke slide 5-7

luke orange tube

lean tree

mirror 5-7

New summer buzzcuts:

summer buzzcuts

At the Ballpark:

ballpark burger

burger mix


david 5-7

SPent the afternoon at Willis Tucker Park in Snohomish---they have a great water park--Austin had a bb game there, so the boys and I took some pics:

willis tucker park

frog eyes

chase look 4-6


umbrella 4-6

umbrella 2 5-7

luke water 5-7

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