Unbelievable ----

A little background for you -- we had a neighborhood garage sale yesterday -- quite a few houses in our 3 culd-de-sac neighborhood sold stuff. It definitely brought in a big crowd - especially of people who would never have reason to drive through our streets. There is only one way in and out and no reason to enter if you don't know someone.
This morning, David went outside to put the sprinkler on and came in and asked where I moved the lawn furniture and door mats. I had no idea what he was talking about - so I went to look. SUre enough, the two door mats that sit in front of the french doors were gone as was the table, chairs and umbrella. We asked all of our kids and no one moved it. Now -- it was no fancy stuff or anything. It was black mats from Costco and a very inexpensive lawn set - in fact, it was falling apart. Then slowly, we started talking to our neighbors. Yep--- someone backed a truck in last night and loaded up all the lawn furniture, flower pots, ladders & bikes they could access. Amazing. Believe me - it couldn't have been easy. I mean --they took them off front porches and across large front yards.

They knew exactly what they were after -- we were cased during the sale. I feel so violated. I don't even care about the stuff --just that they were able to walk up to my house and take my stuff - just feet from where we sleep. Kind of like the Grinch at Chrismtas.

I mean really? My front mats? SO strange. The policeman said we could keep an eye on Craig's List or hit the local flea market ---cause that is probably where they will do the turn around. You know stuff that no one would think was stolen property. So freaky amazing.

One of my neighbor's -- who didn't get anything taken --- said to me, "we never leave anything outside". Come on--- I should bring my welcome mats in every night? What the F&** is this world coming to? I have been ticked off all day and in a very grumpy mood that I can't shake.

I know that there are a lot of people out there that need money right now to feed their families -- and believe me -- I understand. SO, I am trying to let it go. They must need that cash pretty bad. But, they were pros---they've definitely done this before ---and then I come right back to being ticked off.

Maybe I will feel different tomorrow. Thanks for reading my vent!

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mustangkayla said...

Seriously? Stupid acts like that REALLY tick me off too!

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