So much to share----

---that's what usually happens when I become a blogging slacker! That's the best I can do as far as an apology -- after all life happens!

Let me catch you up:

--- We had a beautiful weekend full of sunshine, baseball and impromptu neighborhood BBQ'a. It was fantastic! Then like usual - the weather turned crappy and we have had nothing but rain, thunderstorms and baseball rainouts ever since! We take it when we can get it here in the PNW---cause when it's good, it's great and when it's bad, it's horrible.

--- On the sports front --- Austin's soccer team tryouts were last weekend and he got invited back to the team. So we are committed for another season and this time we are all in - gotta love kids in sports, but man those bills kill me. You remember that his team took 2nd in the State Tournament for his level---well, they got invited to the Regional Tournament as a Wildcard. So the team is heading over to Pasco, WA for that in June. If by chance they win - the National tournament is in North Carolina. Hmmm---more $$$$.

--- More sports news --- Chase was nominated to the ALl-Star team. It is a big honor but, the nominees still have to go through try-outs and such to see who makes the team. We aren't getting too excited---Chase is a great player, but it is a GOOD-OLD-BOYS club and it always feels like they have the team chosen well before tryouts. Kind of stinks, but that is life.

--- All the boys are wrapping up the regular season and heading into the final tournaments. We have one this weekend in Lake Stevens and another next weekend in Edmonds.

--- School is coming to a close soon too---last official day is June 4th, but the boys are finished as soon as their busy work is done. They are having trash ceremonies almost every day as they throw away old workbooks and clean out folders. I love this time of the year --more scrappin!

--- On the construction front: We brought in dirt and reseeded the front yard. I know not really construction, but necessary none-the-less. The floor is almost prepped for the new flooring and we should be able to put that in on Saturday. I have just finished my 6th coat of paint on the front door. I will share a pic with you as soon as I get the hardware back on. We have just purchased the stair trends and we should be able to work on those this week too.

--- Scrapping is going good --- I have some fun stuff in the works. I will share as soon as I can. I will be working at the Urban Scrapbooker tomorrow night for a few hours -- that is always a good break from regular life! My time on the DT over at Scrap-Diner is ending as she heads into a summer of new ventures. Our term is offically up as of the end of this month. Kind of sad for me as it was my first DT assignment and I have been there for 20 months!

--- Angie, Tom and the baby are doing great and her due date is getting closer! We are pretty excited! I need to hook up one of those computer cameras so we can chat and visit and see that baby live every day! We are still trying to figure out a way to get back there to see the baby this summer, but our finances are a mess and I'm not sure we can make it. I'm praying for some kind of deal that we can't pass up!

--- Everyone is healthy and happy and doing great!

I am in a contest over at Scraptivity - it is Around the World in 80 days. Our first assignment was a stop in Peru to see the Ruins. Here is the take on the challenge:

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Tammy said...

Your layout is really nice! Is it digital? Some parts look it but others don't lol

Alecia Castro said...

This layout is FABULOUS!!! Seriously great work!!

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