....so I messed up my schedule last night. Both Austin & Chase had baseball games at 7:30 and about 15 minutes into Chase's game, I got a call from David. Luke's team had a game too and I had it on Friday on the calendar instead of Thursday! He tried to tell me he had a game---but being the uber organzied mother that I am -- I assured him that it was Friday and that he had NO game. To his credit he kept his "I told you so"'s to a minimum. UGH---I hate to screw up like that.

It was a tough night all around--both boys lost tough games - we were up way to late - and I got some bad scrappin news. I have hope that today will be better! The upside of missing the game --is that there really is no game tonight and that makes our schedule tonight just a bit easier. We only have soccer tryouts, a piano recital and a surprise birthday party. WHew!

Here is a layout I created for the May Sketch Contest over at Scrap Dango. Sketch created by GettinSketchy.

The sketch:


My layout:

my best friend


Andrea Ancich said...

what bad scrappin news?
fill me in!

wendipooh13 said...

ohhh lovin your page!!!! great job!!! and what a fun sketch

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