Unbelievable ----

A little background for you -- we had a neighborhood garage sale yesterday -- quite a few houses in our 3 culd-de-sac neighborhood sold stuff. It definitely brought in a big crowd - especially of people who would never have reason to drive through our streets. There is only one way in and out and no reason to enter if you don't know someone.
This morning, David went outside to put the sprinkler on and came in and asked where I moved the lawn furniture and door mats. I had no idea what he was talking about - so I went to look. SUre enough, the two door mats that sit in front of the french doors were gone as was the table, chairs and umbrella. We asked all of our kids and no one moved it. Now -- it was no fancy stuff or anything. It was black mats from Costco and a very inexpensive lawn set - in fact, it was falling apart. Then slowly, we started talking to our neighbors. Yep--- someone backed a truck in last night and loaded up all the lawn furniture, flower pots, ladders & bikes they could access. Amazing. Believe me - it couldn't have been easy. I mean --they took them off front porches and across large front yards.

They knew exactly what they were after -- we were cased during the sale. I feel so violated. I don't even care about the stuff --just that they were able to walk up to my house and take my stuff - just feet from where we sleep. Kind of like the Grinch at Chrismtas.

I mean really? My front mats? SO strange. The policeman said we could keep an eye on Craig's List or hit the local flea market ---cause that is probably where they will do the turn around. You know stuff that no one would think was stolen property. So freaky amazing.

One of my neighbor's -- who didn't get anything taken --- said to me, "we never leave anything outside". Come on--- I should bring my welcome mats in every night? What the F&** is this world coming to? I have been ticked off all day and in a very grumpy mood that I can't shake.

I know that there are a lot of people out there that need money right now to feed their families -- and believe me -- I understand. SO, I am trying to let it go. They must need that cash pretty bad. But, they were pros---they've definitely done this before ---and then I come right back to being ticked off.

Maybe I will feel different tomorrow. Thanks for reading my vent!


It's a Wonderful Wednesday!

No sports today -- just a catch up day for laundry, groceries, & school! We also managed to get the shed cleaned out -- the garage sale flyers printed -- and all the trim purchased from Home Depot! It was a very productive day! My house even smells good--because right now there are double chocolate pudding cookies baking in the oven and the house smells heavenly!

Some fun pics from the weekend for you:

us copy

david sleeping

lukey grass

chase grass

luke puppy




and some layouts that I just finished:

grandpa bobby

helpin' hands

original crew

my  boy Luke


Sunny Sunday!

It is a gorgeous day here today! Sunny, warm, with a slight breeze ---perfect to watch a great baseball game. We were in Granite Falls today at a beautiful ball park with nothing but fields around us ---no traffic, just the sounds of baseball and the smells of the BBQ! It was glorious! To make it better, Austin's team pulled out a late game win and that means we will be back tomorrow at the same field at the same time with the same great weather! They advance in the tournament and tomorrow is a new day and a new game.

I can brag up my son tons today --- he pitched 2 great innings --- hit a bomb of a double ---and made a major league over the back running catch at second to get his team out of a jam. Such fun baseball.

I rec'd these great photos from Tom & Angie for Mother's Day --- they are perfect. There is nothing I like better than photos for a gift! As a scrapbooker, I have been dying for shots like these! They are fabulous and I can't wait to scrap them!



DSCF0051 b-n-w

DSCF0043 b-n-w


On another note---we have almost got the dining room floor installed! We have been working on it non-stop since Friday and it is looking great! I will take some pics when we finish!

Have a great Memorial Day --- keep all your loved ones in your prayers!


So much to share----

---that's what usually happens when I become a blogging slacker! That's the best I can do as far as an apology -- after all life happens!

Let me catch you up:

--- We had a beautiful weekend full of sunshine, baseball and impromptu neighborhood BBQ'a. It was fantastic! Then like usual - the weather turned crappy and we have had nothing but rain, thunderstorms and baseball rainouts ever since! We take it when we can get it here in the PNW---cause when it's good, it's great and when it's bad, it's horrible.

--- On the sports front --- Austin's soccer team tryouts were last weekend and he got invited back to the team. So we are committed for another season and this time we are all in - gotta love kids in sports, but man those bills kill me. You remember that his team took 2nd in the State Tournament for his level---well, they got invited to the Regional Tournament as a Wildcard. So the team is heading over to Pasco, WA for that in June. If by chance they win - the National tournament is in North Carolina. Hmmm---more $$$$.

--- More sports news --- Chase was nominated to the ALl-Star team. It is a big honor but, the nominees still have to go through try-outs and such to see who makes the team. We aren't getting too excited---Chase is a great player, but it is a GOOD-OLD-BOYS club and it always feels like they have the team chosen well before tryouts. Kind of stinks, but that is life.

--- All the boys are wrapping up the regular season and heading into the final tournaments. We have one this weekend in Lake Stevens and another next weekend in Edmonds.

--- School is coming to a close soon too---last official day is June 4th, but the boys are finished as soon as their busy work is done. They are having trash ceremonies almost every day as they throw away old workbooks and clean out folders. I love this time of the year --more scrappin!

--- On the construction front: We brought in dirt and reseeded the front yard. I know not really construction, but necessary none-the-less. The floor is almost prepped for the new flooring and we should be able to put that in on Saturday. I have just finished my 6th coat of paint on the front door. I will share a pic with you as soon as I get the hardware back on. We have just purchased the stair trends and we should be able to work on those this week too.

--- Scrapping is going good --- I have some fun stuff in the works. I will share as soon as I can. I will be working at the Urban Scrapbooker tomorrow night for a few hours -- that is always a good break from regular life! My time on the DT over at Scrap-Diner is ending as she heads into a summer of new ventures. Our term is offically up as of the end of this month. Kind of sad for me as it was my first DT assignment and I have been there for 20 months!

--- Angie, Tom and the baby are doing great and her due date is getting closer! We are pretty excited! I need to hook up one of those computer cameras so we can chat and visit and see that baby live every day! We are still trying to figure out a way to get back there to see the baby this summer, but our finances are a mess and I'm not sure we can make it. I'm praying for some kind of deal that we can't pass up!

--- Everyone is healthy and happy and doing great!

I am in a contest over at Scraptivity - it is Around the World in 80 days. Our first assignment was a stop in Peru to see the Ruins. Here is the take on the challenge:

just austin


Blog Challenge #1 - Dixie Pieces

Here is the blog challenge from Lucy over at Dixie Pieces today!

6 RANDOM Facts about me:

1 - I didn't start drinking coffee of any kind until I was 40--now I can't get throught the day without it.
2 - I am a peacemaker---conflict causes me major stress
3 - I hate to dust - but I love to vacuum!
4 - I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and I feel like I am always counting points
5 - I love a good police detective novel - I think I should have been a cop - I would have been good with guns
6 - Love music of all kinds---but I don't care who sings it or which album it's from


....so I messed up my schedule last night. Both Austin & Chase had baseball games at 7:30 and about 15 minutes into Chase's game, I got a call from David. Luke's team had a game too and I had it on Friday on the calendar instead of Thursday! He tried to tell me he had a game---but being the uber organzied mother that I am -- I assured him that it was Friday and that he had NO game. To his credit he kept his "I told you so"'s to a minimum. UGH---I hate to screw up like that.

It was a tough night all around--both boys lost tough games - we were up way to late - and I got some bad scrappin news. I have hope that today will be better! The upside of missing the game --is that there really is no game tonight and that makes our schedule tonight just a bit easier. We only have soccer tryouts, a piano recital and a surprise birthday party. WHew!

Here is a layout I created for the May Sketch Contest over at Scrap Dango. Sketch created by GettinSketchy.

The sketch:


My layout:

my best friend


Layouts - finally!

SO after a couple of very busy weeks - I finally was able to scrap and get some things accomplished! I was totally going through product withdrawals!

Here you go:

The first layouts are for the National Scrapbook Day Challenge that is happening over at the Scrap-Diner. Don't let the name fool you---you have longer than a day to complete the challenges! In fact, you have the whole month of May! Still plenty of time to go on over and check htem out---they are tons of fun! The prizes are amazing too-- $33 & $45 & a $77 gift certificate!

baby luv

enjoy today


tulip festival

This one is also for the Diner---but for the Retro Challenge this month:

comic relief

it is a lift of this fun ad:


This is a life of Kimberly over at the Diner - it was a VLF Challenge:

gentle reminder

There are tons of fun challenges this month over there and you should all jump in and try a few! I dare you.


Don't forget....

....how much your mom means to you and tell her this weekend. If you are anything like me - it is easy to remember all the things that were messed up about your childhood and easy to forget all the wonderful times and all the sacrifices that were made so you could turn out to be who you are.

I can't say that my childhood was ideal---I grew up with a single mom, an absent father, and an older brother (8 years older) who was never a companion to me. My mom worked her a** off to make sure we were taken care of. I was healthy, wore braces and went to a private school. I was alone alot. Sometimes, I look back and that makes me mad - but mostly, it makes me grateful. I learned early that I could handle almost everything on my own -- that independence has gotten me far in life. It is the basis for who I am. Don't get me wrong --- I have been married for 23 years to the love of my life and I don't ever want to experience the "alone" kind of independence again. But, if I had too---I could. My mom taught me that. She was tough and found ways to get us all what we needed.

Independence was just one thing she taught me----

----organization - everything has a place. I am so grateful for this today. With 7 kids - I have had to be organized. I keep a schedule - a calendar and lots of file folders with important things in them.

----financial responsibility - my credit score is one thing I am very proud of. I have always paid my bills early and I never let myself get in over my head.

----Cleanliness - Man --can I clean a house. I may not always have a clean house - but I know how to get it clean in a hurry!

----Family matters - no matter what - whatever your differences or conflicts - family matters.

----Share & be generous - this one I struggle with - but I have been taught and I keep striving to get there.

----Love unconditionally - it doesn't matter what has happened in the past - live for the now and love like there is no tomorrow.

I am forever grateful to my mom - I am so thankful that we are in a place in our lives where we can be friends and spend time together.

Be thankful today - after all - would you be you without your mom?

Take a listen to this again today---just cracks me up!


My Sketch World

Hey ladies -- a new sketch went up on May 1st over at My Sketch World Blog and it was one of my all-time favorites!


Here is my interpretation:

day dream believer

Head on over and few all the fabulous designs from the talented DT here. It always amazes me all the different layouts that can be inspired by the same sketch!


A much needed rest...

and life is back to normal - well, almost. By tomorrow, I will be back in the swing of things and it will feel like we never left. But we did---we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves and ate like crazy. Here is a quick recap:

We arrived:


We explored:






david beach 5-7

We ate:

good food

fancy food

We played:



We were pampered:




We visited:


robin me

and we got tossed around a bit:

rough water

We had a fabulous time! Loved hanging out with Robyn, Brian, Ann & Corey!

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