Phew---I made it through the weekend!~

I did it! I just got back from the final sporting event of the weekend -- it's 8:00pm and I am jazzed up on coffee and ready to go hang out in my scrapping space! A quick update for you on the weekend events:

---David & Tommy finished up the baby room and he will be heading home tomorrow evening. The weather down in Missouri has been crazy--tons of storms and such. Everyone down there is pretty used to it, but it's all an adventure for David. He said he was outside in a lightning storm at 4am --- why, I don't know!

---Jordan's soccer team won their game tonight in the second overtime period. She played great and the team will go to the semi-finals next weekend.

---Chase & Luke got most of the yard work done today -- so I can check that off my list!

---Didn't make it to Weight Watchers yesterday, so we will go on Thursday sometime. Hoping that I can drop a few more pounds before we head out of town.

What else? I have a few layouts for you:

Love this picture of Makena ---


A quick & easy layout of Luke:

bring on the waves

My bubby----Coop:

sweet cooper

Travis & Jordan:

smile for me

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mustangkayla said...

Your picture on the first layout, Drama Queen, is WAY too cute! Love the cooper layout too, that paper and embellies are really neat! I love your style of scrapbooking!

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