I finished the final book of the Twilight Series last night. I have to say that it absolutely lived up to the hype. I find most things don't, but I was intriqued by these books all the way through and you have to love a happy ending. I still haven't seen the movie and I'm not that anxiuos too -- but the books were totally entertaining. You know the kind -- easy reading without too much deep messages in between. Just a good story to escape life for a while with. If you haven't read them - you should!

The big contest over at Scrap-Tastic is coming to an end. This was the last challenge and the winner will be announced Monday. This contest really made me think outside my comfort zone and try new things. That is what I love about a good contest. The final challenge was to scrap a two page layout with a masking technique --- and the journaling had to be at least 4 lines composed from an existing song. The catch is that you had to change the words and provide your own lyrics.

This proved to be very difficult for me. It wasn't until I decided to do an 8.5 x 11 landscape layout that the creativity started flowing. SOmetimes, you just have to switch things from what is normal to be able to create!


Tiff Sawyer said...

Awesome double, I love it!!!!

Cathy said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog, and will visit again.

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