A couple spring days...

...and we all have a different outlook on life! Yep--the sun has been out, the temperature has been warm and spring has arrived. It all just makes me happy. Even today when I woke up to the spring rain, I was still smiling. There is just something about the change in weather from winter to spring that makes us all different people. I love it!

Life is crazy busy here still - with no change on the horizon. Lot's going on, but I'd thought I'd give you a quick post with some pics and a few announcements.

First off ---Luke's 9th birthday is this Saturday, but we took him and some buddies bowling on Sunday to celebrate:

5 x 10

Luke was a terrific bowler! The technique came naturally for him and after a few consultations from dad he was on fire!


bowling 2
bowling 3

Second---Chase finally played a game on a field where the parents got to sit close enough to take pictures! But just my luck--this was the game that was his turn to sit out 3 innings. I did get a few pics:

chase baseball

chase baseball close up

Luke 5-7

Finally --- some pics from yesterday ---it was only 70 degrees but after a long cold winter - it felt like 90 degrees! If you look closely you can see Luke's teeth chattering!

boys water

boys grass

l;uke 5-7

On a different note: head on over to My Acrylic Album. I am the guest designer this month. They make very high quality acrylic albums and I had lots of fun making the mini book! Truly an honor to work with them a bit!

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