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So, I have realized that I don't appreciate my husband enough. There, I said it. I take him for granted and I shouldn't. He is down in Missouri helping Tom & Angie get the baby room together and boy do I miss him. Okay, I more than miss him, I miss his presence --- I just flat out miss him being here. Now, at first, it was purely selfish. I just don't like doing everything myself. All the driving, all the games & practices, all the laundry, all the ----well, just ALLLLLLLLL of everything. But after today, I realize that I just miss sharing the everyday with him.

I sat in the stands at AUstin's game today and watched him play a brilliant baseball game. He pitched 6 innings, threw 72 pitches, was on base 4 times with a single, a double, a bunt and a walk, and left his heart out on the field. I was so proud of him and David wasn't there to share that with me.

I took the kids out for pizza for Luke's birthday dinner - even Travis was there. It was so much fun. I loved being able to celebrate Luke together. They are all so grown up now. There we were in a nice italian restaurant totally enjoying each other and having real conversations. I realized the days of avoiding eating out are over. We all had a pleasant dinner together. So grown up they are. But David wasn't there and I missed sharing that moment with him.

Yes---I miss him because he isn't here to help me with all the running around and the laundry-----but, I miss him more because he isn't here to share life with me. I am being dramatic I know. After all, he will be home in a couple days. But, I realized again today, that after 23 years of marriage ---- I still look to him for his smile and his acknowledgement that we are in this together.

Monday night seems a long way away.

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Andrea Ancich said...

you are an amazing mom and wife kim...
i know that david has the exact same feelings about you too...
i've seen you two interact...
(hello... he went to get us salsa for goodness sakes!)
the love is mutual and totally something i pray to experience one day!
hugs to you friend!

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