Guess what?

it's snowing----March 15th and we wake up to snow. I'm pretty sure I still live in Seattle, where we are lucky if we get three inches of snow all year and then it's usually gone within hours. This year it started in November and the threat of snow has been common place since. It was fabulous to get "real" snow for Christmas and even okay to wake up a dusting here and there ---but all the time with this wet sloppy stuff? Really? The whole house is wet and damp and the heat bill --UGH. My gas bill arrived yesterday - $204 for one month. The electric bill was $300 for 2 months. I think what really bothers me is that it was 60 degrees three days ago. Warm and the windows were open and the heat was off. We are suppose to get mild winters ---you know lots of rain like Seattle is famous for. Where is it? I want to move.

This has me in a foul mood today and I need to do something productive. So, I am cleaning. Yep, purging is more like it. Jordan is going on a mission outreach to Germany this summer and she is in need of funds. So, I can see a garage sale in the near future, so what better time than today to start purging. I already have 3 boxes full of good stuff for her to sell. In addition, they are doing an auction too. She is currently trying to collect items to place in the silent auction. So, a little warning for you---if she hits you up for a donation---well---just know that she might! One thing we are trying to get together is a scrapbook basket. So, if anyone has anything to donate for that --feel free to let me know or send it her way. They will also be having a live dinner and auction in early April. More information to follow on that - in case you want to join us to support those going on the mission!

Let's see---what else? Oh yeah. If you need any babysitting, cleaning or odd jobs done ---she is up for that too! Truly, she is up for almost anything that helps here raise the funds for this trip. I have never seen her more excited or happy. She really wants to serve the Lord.

How is that for a flagrant use of my blog as a plea for help? I figure it is my motherly duty. Well, in addition, to donating a set of 20 personnal scrapbook pages, 100 homemade greeting cards, 2 sets of vinyl wall art and installation, stuff for the scrapbook basket, and my time to run the garage sale. I think it is going to be a very busy and productive few months!

Pray for us!

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