Friday the 13th

No, I'm not superstitious and I don't really think there is anything special about the 13th when it falls on Friday ----- I just couldn't think of anything else to title my post! Lots to tell you about today.

First off - a little confession that has been fueling some major mother guilt this week. Way back in January, Austin hurt his finger during a soccer warm-up. We thought it was sprained and did the whole ice & advil drill. After a few days, he seemed to be feeling better and back to practice he went. Well --- here and there he mentioned that his finger was sore. But honestly, he rarely even mentioned it again. Last week, I noticed that he was showing a friend that his finger was bent. When I looked at it---it really was bent. I mean BENT! It was bent at the first knuckle and he couldn't straighten it out without using his other hand to manipulate it. So, I scheduled him an appointment this week--a non-emergency type appointment. When we get there, the doc takes one look, puts him in a finger cast type thing and sends us to the orthopedic surgeon! We saw him today. Turns out that when the tendon was overextended it pulled off the corner of the bone of the first part of his finger. The tendon and the bone fragment are just hanging there! If I had been a good mother and taken him to the doc back then they would have put him in this brace thing for 8 weeks and it would have healed just like a regular bone break would. Well ---yeah----that didn't happen.

Now there is too much scar tissue in the way of the bone healing and it will need surgery to repair. Thankfully, there is no hurry now. He can finish his soccer season and play baseball as long as he doesn't remove the little cast thing that is keeping that joint from bending. After spring sports they will go in - take off the scar tissue-rough up the bone a bit--pin it back together with wires that will stick out of the skin (Austin thinks this part is cool)-- and then he will be off all sports for 8 weeks while it heals properly.

WOW--I guess I should pay more attention when they hurt themselves!

Other than that----David was home today and was able to finish almost all the painting. He will finish it Sunday while I put up the trim on the windows and the staircase. Next weekend we should be able to put the floor in the scraproom and prep the downstairs floor for installation. Then all that will be left is the molding! I can't believe that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We will still have exterior painting to do this summer ---but wow--getting so close!

Took some time tonight to go see this:

OMGosh--was it fabulous! 90 minutes of action and Liam Neeson! If you haven't seen it---go!

Completed some layouts the last couple of days:

This one is for week #3 of the Scrap-Tastic American Idol Contest --it was a scraplift of one of their designers, Robyn.

laugh till it hurts!

This is just an additional layout with that fabulous new Basic Grey!


These next two layouts are for the Scrap-Diner. The Diner is not only having a fabulous sale, but new product is arriving every day! You should head over and check it out and work some of the crop challenges while you are at it! The random prize drawing this month is a chance to win one of three $25 gift certificates! Gotta love that!

man with muscles

thrifty finds


Tammy said...

What great layouts. Love the "muscles" one :)

Joanie said...

Absolutely gorgeous layouts!

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