Cooper Pics

Came out of the shower this morning to find Cooper all curled up on my bed with his head on my pillow. Of course, by the time I got my camera, he was awake. But---it still cracks me up because he knows better and he thinks that if he looks at me with those eyes that I won't kick him off! Well he's right---until I take pics at least.

Cooper comfortable - Copy

yawning cooper

This is the boys favorite one---he was just getting ready to yawn--but it totally looks like he is smiling!

smiling cooper

Of course --- Luke can't pass up a chance to get his picture taken!

Luke & Cooper

Here are a couple layouts for you:

This first one is created with product from a new company called Jillibean --- tons of wonderful kraft paper goodness!

just hanging out

This next one is with another newer company, My Little Shoebox ---- I am so excited to play with their goodies! Fabulous stuff!

close to home

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TammyM said...

Your Cooper looks like our cherished Cookie who just passed on about a month ago. Golden's are wonderful dogs!

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