7 Random Facts about Me!

My blog assignment today over at My Sketch World is to blog 7 random and possibly unknown facts about me. So here you go:

1. I was not a good babysitter growing up --- I only had one older brother and I was not tolerant of kids --- at all! In fact, I was never a kid who grew up thinking, "Oh, I can't wait to have kids". But here I am, a mother of 7 and I can't remember why I didn't want kids!

2. One thing I did always want to do is teach. I used to play school all the time with my friends --I was always the teacher. I think I just wanted to be in charge and give orders. I am a homeschool mom now, and it just feels like what I was meant to do - giving orders that is!

3. Every room in my house is painted a color --not white and not a pale color -- a real color. I just have this thing about colors!

4. I can crochet but I can't knit.

5. After almost 23 years of marriage, I still get giddy when David smiles at me. GO figure. I can't pass up this opportunity to tell all those folks that said it wouldn't last --- oh, you were sooooo wrong.

6. My middle name is Ann --- yep, Kimberly Ann --- just like 95% of all the other Kimberlys out there.

7. I have a plan and a budget for everything. This will come as no surprise to those of you that know me.

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Jordan Holmes said...

stop lying to the people that read your blog! you don't have COLORS in your house. you have like four colors. upstairs (blue), kitchen (blue), bathroom (green), rec-room (dark green). the living room is pale gray/brown! and i hardly call the dining room's new brown a color! not that it isn't nice, it's just brown. the red counts though, so that's five. and the boys' rooms and my room don't count for color. your room... counts, so that makes it six. the boys' bathroom is... wall paper? and my bathroom is... you guessed it... BROWN! i constitute your bedroom, your bathroom, the upstairs and the rec-room as colors. did you notice though, a color theme... red = your room/dining room. green = your bathroom/new rec room. blue = kitchen/loft. BROWN = hall way/dining room/living room/office/my bathroom. there may be color... but nothing abnormal. and mostly BROWN! haha.

but i love you. and the house looks lovely. i just like to give you a hard time about brown. and the "color". :]

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