Reveal Day--Dixie Pieces Kit Club!

Yep --- it's the first of the month and that means another great kit release from Dixie Pieces Kit Club! This kit had me dreaming about the warm summer sunshine and wishing those days would hurry and get here! There is tons of new and exciting things happening over at Dixie Pieces but before I share all that with you --- the most important thing of all:

the April Kit--- Summer Dreamin'!


That chipboard is from Maya Road and makes the cutest mini-book that I have worked with in awhile!

lukey mini book

Then for my layouts:

Pool fun

bobbin' for apples

home today

april cards

Other big news will be annonced today at Dixie Pieces! Their new Design Team will be revealed! I am so excited to meet the new team! They are definitely lucky to be designing for such a great site! Can't wait to see what they do with the May kit!

I will check back later today with some more pics! Have a great Wednesday!


A Whirlwind week...

this has been. It has gone by so fast -- I'm not even sure what happened. Oh yeah--I forgot--it's baseball season. That's the deal.

Tonight wraps up a week with 3 baseball games, one soccer game, 3 soccer practices, and 4 baseball practices ---- and a basketball party. SO what highlights do I have for you?

---Chase came in as pitcher yesterday in the top of the 6th inning with a tie score and a man on 3rd with 2 outs. The starting pitcher did a fabulous job - but had to come out because of his pitch count. Chase threw 2 pitches, fielded the comeback bunt and threw the runner out at home as he was trying to steal! Then he came back in the bottom of the 6th at bat with one out. He got on base with an infield error, made it to third on a base hit (barely--close slide!) and then stole home for the winning run! So darn exciting!

---Austin's soccer team won their first post season playoff game Wednesday night 2-0. He had some fabulous saves. I wasn't there to watch this one but I heard it was a great game!

---Jordan started training with Allegra this week so she can join them for their final run for the state title. I never thought I'd see her on the field with them again---it's going to be fun to watch!

---Luke has become quite the athlete --- batting coaches took one look at his swing and said "change nothing!"

---Jordan & I completed week #2 of Weight Watchers. We each lost 3 pounds this week! It is so great to have someone working the system with me and even better to have them be here with me. Makes it so much easier and so much funner!

---David & I found a deal on a 5 day cruise - thanks Robyn! It is a repositioning cruise that leaves San Diego and goes up the west coast to Vancouver, BC. We leave in less than 5 weeks! So excited to get away with my hubby --- I can't even begin to tell you. The cruise - airfare - & train ride from BC home for both of us---------under $600! Amazing. Love Holland America! We are return MARINERS with them so hopefully, we can get a room upgrade once we are on board!

Going to try and get some scrapping done today ---we will see!

Have an awesome weekend!


Day of Rest?

It's Sunday and I definitely need a day of rest. I had plans to get up and go with David & Austin to his soccer game --but 6:15 came way too early and I just couldn't do it. I am exhausted from the week and it is only going to get busier this week. I must be getting old! Anyway, tons on the schedule today to get caught up around the house - laundry, the budget, the bills, school planners and emails. Then head over to mom's to install a new toilet for her and home to start putting the floor down in the loft area. I need to squeeze in a nap too!

Ball games went well yesterday - All three boys played great and even though none of their teams pulled off the win, I think it was a good opening weekend of spring sports. I spent the day helping Brooke at the Urban Scrapbooker - the spring Shop Hop is going on and it was a crazy busy day for her. I hope it continues and her business picks up. It is tough being a new small business in this economy!

Jordan, Chase & I hit the first rummage sale of the season yesterday. I almost didn't go because it made the day's schedule even crazier. But, decided to at the last minute and I am happy we did. They just make me happy. I found a shelf unit from Pottery Barn that I had been coveting and it was only $15~ I am so excited to get it set up in my scrap room! In addition, Chase found some GIJoe stuff, Jordan found some art, mittens, a jacket, a scarf ----well, let's just say Jordan found TONS of stuff!

Okay---I'm sitting here at 9am on Sunday morning and I'm about to fall asleep----I think my nice cozy bed is calling me back. Already time for a nap. But before I go:

Here is the layout that I did for the "I'm Lucky" challenge over at My Sketch World. It is also on display over at the Urban Scrapbooker - that's the new Bo Bunny Product that she just got in!

the man


So Excited!

I received an email last night from Paige at Scrapbook Trends Magazine and they want to publish one of my layouts! This will be my first time being published in one of their magazines and I couldn't be more thrilled! I am packaging up my layout and shipping it off to them and then settling in for a longggggggggg wait till the August issue hits the store shelf in July.



What's up this Wednesday?

Thinks are settling into a frantic pace around here. Spring brings baseball and baseball means practices, jamborees and games. That means something or multiple somethings are happening every night of the week and all day Saturday. Thought I'd share just a glance of what one week in our life looks like. Are you ready?

---Chase baseball practice 5-7
---Luke's last basketball game 5:30-6:30
---Jordan & Mom Weight Watchers meeting 7:00-8:00

---Luke baseball practice 5:30-7:00
---Austin baseball practice 6:30-8:00

---Chase baseball practice 5-7
---Austin soccer practice 5:30-7
---Church 7-8:30

---Chase baseball game 4:30-7
---Mom work at Scrapbook Store 4:30-7
---Luke baseball practice 5:30-7

---Mom work at Scrapbook Store 11-5
---Austin soccer practice 5:30-7
---Jordan work 6-10
---Chase baseball uniform pickup 7:30

---Innis Arden Rummage Sale 9
---Austin soccer game 9-10:30
---Austin baseball practice 11-2
---Mom work at Scrapbook Store 11-7
---Luke baseball game 12-1
---Chase baseball game 4:30-5:30
---Swing Dance at Church 7:30

---Austin soccer game 9-10:30
---Fix grandma's bathroom 12:30
---Jordan work 1:30-4:30

Keep in mind that this is an easy week---no real games happening yet to make the weeknights complicated. David is a trooper - he handles almost all the practices so that I can get caught up with scrapping responsibilities and budgeting.

There is a big event happening over at the Urban Scrapbooker that starts this Thursday night. I don't usually work at all, but I'll be going over to help all weekend. This will make it a bit tougher this weekend---but it should be okay!

I finished up my April Dixie Pieces kit---watch for the reveal on April 1st. I also finished a few layouts for the Scrap Diner:


our history

This is for a sketch challenge over at Dixie Pieces:

irish eyes


Guess what?

it's snowing----March 15th and we wake up to snow. I'm pretty sure I still live in Seattle, where we are lucky if we get three inches of snow all year and then it's usually gone within hours. This year it started in November and the threat of snow has been common place since. It was fabulous to get "real" snow for Christmas and even okay to wake up a dusting here and there ---but all the time with this wet sloppy stuff? Really? The whole house is wet and damp and the heat bill --UGH. My gas bill arrived yesterday - $204 for one month. The electric bill was $300 for 2 months. I think what really bothers me is that it was 60 degrees three days ago. Warm and the windows were open and the heat was off. We are suppose to get mild winters ---you know lots of rain like Seattle is famous for. Where is it? I want to move.

This has me in a foul mood today and I need to do something productive. So, I am cleaning. Yep, purging is more like it. Jordan is going on a mission outreach to Germany this summer and she is in need of funds. So, I can see a garage sale in the near future, so what better time than today to start purging. I already have 3 boxes full of good stuff for her to sell. In addition, they are doing an auction too. She is currently trying to collect items to place in the silent auction. So, a little warning for you---if she hits you up for a donation---well---just know that she might! One thing we are trying to get together is a scrapbook basket. So, if anyone has anything to donate for that --feel free to let me know or send it her way. They will also be having a live dinner and auction in early April. More information to follow on that - in case you want to join us to support those going on the mission!

Let's see---what else? Oh yeah. If you need any babysitting, cleaning or odd jobs done ---she is up for that too! Truly, she is up for almost anything that helps here raise the funds for this trip. I have never seen her more excited or happy. She really wants to serve the Lord.

How is that for a flagrant use of my blog as a plea for help? I figure it is my motherly duty. Well, in addition, to donating a set of 20 personnal scrapbook pages, 100 homemade greeting cards, 2 sets of vinyl wall art and installation, stuff for the scrapbook basket, and my time to run the garage sale. I think it is going to be a very busy and productive few months!

Pray for us!


Friday the 13th

No, I'm not superstitious and I don't really think there is anything special about the 13th when it falls on Friday ----- I just couldn't think of anything else to title my post! Lots to tell you about today.

First off - a little confession that has been fueling some major mother guilt this week. Way back in January, Austin hurt his finger during a soccer warm-up. We thought it was sprained and did the whole ice & advil drill. After a few days, he seemed to be feeling better and back to practice he went. Well --- here and there he mentioned that his finger was sore. But honestly, he rarely even mentioned it again. Last week, I noticed that he was showing a friend that his finger was bent. When I looked at it---it really was bent. I mean BENT! It was bent at the first knuckle and he couldn't straighten it out without using his other hand to manipulate it. So, I scheduled him an appointment this week--a non-emergency type appointment. When we get there, the doc takes one look, puts him in a finger cast type thing and sends us to the orthopedic surgeon! We saw him today. Turns out that when the tendon was overextended it pulled off the corner of the bone of the first part of his finger. The tendon and the bone fragment are just hanging there! If I had been a good mother and taken him to the doc back then they would have put him in this brace thing for 8 weeks and it would have healed just like a regular bone break would. Well ---yeah----that didn't happen.

Now there is too much scar tissue in the way of the bone healing and it will need surgery to repair. Thankfully, there is no hurry now. He can finish his soccer season and play baseball as long as he doesn't remove the little cast thing that is keeping that joint from bending. After spring sports they will go in - take off the scar tissue-rough up the bone a bit--pin it back together with wires that will stick out of the skin (Austin thinks this part is cool)-- and then he will be off all sports for 8 weeks while it heals properly.

WOW--I guess I should pay more attention when they hurt themselves!

Other than that----David was home today and was able to finish almost all the painting. He will finish it Sunday while I put up the trim on the windows and the staircase. Next weekend we should be able to put the floor in the scraproom and prep the downstairs floor for installation. Then all that will be left is the molding! I can't believe that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We will still have exterior painting to do this summer ---but wow--getting so close!

Took some time tonight to go see this:

OMGosh--was it fabulous! 90 minutes of action and Liam Neeson! If you haven't seen it---go!

Completed some layouts the last couple of days:

This one is for week #3 of the Scrap-Tastic American Idol Contest --it was a scraplift of one of their designers, Robyn.

laugh till it hurts!

This is just an additional layout with that fabulous new Basic Grey!


These next two layouts are for the Scrap-Diner. The Diner is not only having a fabulous sale, but new product is arriving every day! You should head over and check it out and work some of the crop challenges while you are at it! The random prize drawing this month is a chance to win one of three $25 gift certificates! Gotta love that!

man with muscles

thrifty finds


Played some today!

Did a couple things today for a couple different challenges

--- first I completed this card for the sketch challenge over at Dixie Pieces. The sketch was created by Donna Espiritu.

{luv} card

--- next is this layout for the March Madness Crop Challenge over at Scrap-Diner. The challenge was to use a non scrapbooking item on your layout --- Holy Experiments Day. I used my cardboard coffee sleeve for the journaling blocks, leaves and flowers. This layout was also inspired by another sketch by Donna Espiritu.

two of a Kind

Life is made of special moments...

The blog challenge today over at My Sketch World is to remember one of those "special moments" that life is made of.

Turns out that I had one this morning. Luke crawled in bed with me to cuddle. All my kids have done this over the years, and I never really thought too much about it. In fact, most of the time, I was more interested in being alone that taking the time to cuddle. Remember with 7 kids, I have woken up with kids in my bed more times than you can imagine.

Today was different though. WIth Luke being the youngest and almost 9 -- I always wake up in bed alone. It was a wonderful surprise to wake up and find him cuddled up against me. I stayed as still as I could and cherished every minute of it! After all ---it could be the last time.


Just a quick trip...

...down to Vancouver for a couple soccer games. It was just an over night trip but it was fun to be able to hang out with the boys and David without thinking about what I should be doing! I missed out on seeing Sherry & Brenna at the scrapbook convention but other than that, it was a fun trip. Austin played great and his team won one game and lost one game. We stayed at the Heathman Lodge - a great place if you ever need someplace to stay in Vancouver, WA!

We played in the pool a bit - mostly before we left to come home. Here are a couple pics!

hot tub fun

pool fun

chicken fight

luke 5-7


Round 2 - AMerican Idol at Scrap-Tastic

Here is my layout for round #2 of American Idol at Scrap-Tastic. The challenge was to perform UNPLUGGED - to use absolutely no patterned paper or premade embellishments. That included buttons, brads and anything you could buy for scrapbooking with the only exception being cardstock.

Here is what I ended up with:



Thursday Fun

I got to spend the day with the little neighbor girl, Naomi. Naomi is almost 4 and she likes to chat! We had such a good time today - running around doing errands and such. She even went to the Urban Scrapbooker with me today! She was a very hard worker and a very good girl! She informed me today that Lukee loves her VERY much!

Also finished up a layout today --- it is for my March Challenge over at My Sketch World Forums. The challenge is called, "It's hip 2b square!" To complete the challenge, create a 12 x 12 layout (square) with a square picture(s) and with at least one other square element. Here is my example:

cherish life

This was tons of fun to create today! I even got out my small circle punch and created the postage stamp border! How fun is that? If you want to play along with me, head on over and join the forum, post your creation in the gallery by the end of the month and then link it back to the forum thread. There will be a random RAK drawing at the end of the month!

7 Random Facts about Me!

My blog assignment today over at My Sketch World is to blog 7 random and possibly unknown facts about me. So here you go:

1. I was not a good babysitter growing up --- I only had one older brother and I was not tolerant of kids --- at all! In fact, I was never a kid who grew up thinking, "Oh, I can't wait to have kids". But here I am, a mother of 7 and I can't remember why I didn't want kids!

2. One thing I did always want to do is teach. I used to play school all the time with my friends --I was always the teacher. I think I just wanted to be in charge and give orders. I am a homeschool mom now, and it just feels like what I was meant to do - giving orders that is!

3. Every room in my house is painted a color --not white and not a pale color -- a real color. I just have this thing about colors!

4. I can crochet but I can't knit.

5. After almost 23 years of marriage, I still get giddy when David smiles at me. GO figure. I can't pass up this opportunity to tell all those folks that said it wouldn't last --- oh, you were sooooo wrong.

6. My middle name is Ann --- yep, Kimberly Ann --- just like 95% of all the other Kimberlys out there.

7. I have a plan and a budget for everything. This will come as no surprise to those of you that know me.


Cooper Pics

Came out of the shower this morning to find Cooper all curled up on my bed with his head on my pillow. Of course, by the time I got my camera, he was awake. But---it still cracks me up because he knows better and he thinks that if he looks at me with those eyes that I won't kick him off! Well he's right---until I take pics at least.

Cooper comfortable - Copy

yawning cooper

This is the boys favorite one---he was just getting ready to yawn--but it totally looks like he is smiling!

smiling cooper

Of course --- Luke can't pass up a chance to get his picture taken!

Luke & Cooper

Here are a couple layouts for you:

This first one is created with product from a new company called Jillibean --- tons of wonderful kraft paper goodness!

just hanging out

This next one is with another newer company, My Little Shoebox ---- I am so excited to play with their goodies! Fabulous stuff!

close to home


Some fun scrapping opportunities for you!

March Madness has started over at the Scrap-Diner, and is set to continue all week! A new challenge will be posted every day for the next 7 days and then you will have the whole month to complete as many layouts as you can! The random prize draw at the end of the month is (3) $25 gift certificates to the Diner Store which is filling up fast with all that fabulous new product from this year's CHA! You can find more crop information here.

Here is the first challenge straight from the forums!


March is also one of those months with lots of crazy holidays! Here at the Diner we are going to embrace the craziness of March Madness by celebrating some of those fun holidays all month long!

The first holiday for you is:


Yep - we are going to celebrate the alter egos in all of us!

In keeping with Multiple Personality Day, your challenge is to create a layout with multiple photos --- the catch is......they need to be a combination of color photos and B & W photos. However you want to combine them is fine--but you have to use at least two different types of photos.

Here is my example:

colr us happy

I colored my photo 3 different colors! Remember yours can be as simple as one B&W pic and one color pic!


The other big news I have is that Dixie Pieces is having a DT Call! They are a fabulous kit club and they are looking for designers for the new 6 month term that starts in May! You all need to head over there and check it out!


It's March 1st!

and that means reveal day for me!

First up is my new gig over at My Sketch World Blog. There will be 2 card sketches and 2 layout sketches posted every month - so watch for them on the 1st and the 15th!

Here is the March first layout sketch:


and here is my layout:

zoo animals

Next up is Creative Scrappers. I was lucky enough to be their Guest Designer this month and had the pleasure to work with this fabulous sketch from Shanna Lewter:


Here is my layout:

lil monsters

Feel free to play along with either sketch - just create your layout and post a link to their respective blog comments section for a chance to win a prize from them!

I have some other layouts that I completed this weekend for The Urban Scrapbooker in Edmonds. Here you go:

sweet joy

just chillin

Finally I have one more layout to share - it is for the American Idol Contest over at Scrap-Tastic. This is round 1 - we were to use 10 patterned papers and no cardstock. In addition, we had to make the theme and feel of the layout related to a song. Mine was "Put me in Coach" by John Fogerty. I love this pic of Chase --face full of determination!

I want to play

There you go! That's all I have--well until tomorrow! Fabulous new crop starting over at the Scrap-Diner. I will have all the info for you tomorrow along with our first challenge!

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