sNOw more - please!

I am ready for spring---or even rain. I just don't want anymore snow or 30 degree temperatures. That's my complaint for the day. I just need some warmth. Lucky for me that it is swim lesson day, and it is definitely warm in there by the pool! I think I may just take a nap in all that wonderful warmth today! We'll see if I can do that without embarrassing my kids by drooling or something!

The crud is back at our house again and Chase & I have sore throats and stuffy heads. Doc says it's probably just multiple viruses but took strep, mono and epstein barr blood tests just to be sure. Ugh--wouldn't that be miserable!

Okay--here are some pics from the last few days for you:

This is one of my recent favorites --the boys sharing the Zsa Zsa couch with the dog:

zsa zsa couch

These are from Luke's basketball game last weekend---you can see that I was playing around with my camera and never did find the right setting:

blur 4-6blur 2 4-6

These are the Valentine Chocolate bars that I made for the kids"


These are a couple layouts I completed for the Scrap-Diner. The first one was made to emulate the wonderfully simple design of fellow design team member, Christi! I didn't quite capture her finished look - but I love it just the same!

fast friends copy

your eyes

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