Happy Birthday Coop!

Yep-It's Cooper's birthday. Let me tell you, I love this dog. He is a perfect example of everything you want a dog to be: sweet, cute, playful, faithful, gentle, attentive and patient. WHo could ask for anything more?

coop on his birthday

It was another busy day without too much excitement, school, a fire drill, swim lessons, the scrapbook store, and more school. Yes--another perfectly boring day.

On the way to swimming lessons, I started asking Luke some questions about his swimming. You see, I thought he had the crawl stroke and side breathing already down pat, but during his lessons, he was doing three strokes, taking a breath and then putting his feet down instead of going all the way to the pool side. The same was happening with the back stroke. The conversation went something like this:

Me: I see that you are working on your side breathing.

Luke: Yep--but I already know how to do that.

Me: I thought so. Does your teacher know that you know how?

Luke: I don't know. I do it when she tells me.

Me: WHat does she tell you guys to do?

Luke: Three big arm strokes and then take a breath.

Me: (At this point the light went on!) You are doing EXACTLY what she tells you?

Luke: Yep

Me: I think she wants you to keep doing it --- three strokes, breath, three strokes, breath

Luke: OH--

Me: We will ask her.

Turns out that that was exactly what was happening. SO today --- after 5 lessons, he finally shows her what he can do and guess what? He needs to be moved up to the next class. I think the teacher is going to clarify those instructions a little bit next time. She was a little bit sheepish when I pointed that out!

pool 5-7

lessons mix

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